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A chassis (plural: "chassis") consists of a framework which supports an inanimate object, analogous to an animal's skeleton; for example in the construction of an automobile or of a firearm.

Examples of use

An AMX 30 AuF1 chassis under repair.
  • A chassis in a television, radio, or other electronic device consists of the metal frame on which the circuit boards and other electronic components are mounted. In the absence of a metal frame the chassis refers to the circuit boards and components themselves, not the physical structure.
  • In computers, the chassis refers to the rigid framework onto which the assembly-worker mounts the motherboard, memory, disk drives and other equipment. It also supports the shell-like case: the housing that protects all of the vital internal equipment from dust, moisture, and tampering. The term "case modding" refers to the artistic styling of otherwise rather functional and plain computer encasings. Main article : computer case.

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