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  • Online magazine covering all sorts of sports/GT car racing, including endurance racing. ==The Races==
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  • known for hosting fifteen [[Grand Prix motor racing|Grand Prix]] races between [[Category:Sports car races]]
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  • '''Lucchini Engineering''' is an [[Italy|Italian]] [[sports car racing|sports car]] constructor and racing team. Founded by Giorgio Lucchini in [[Porto Mant Currently Lucchini sells the CN4 hillclimb car and the LMP2/04 LMP2-class [[prototype]] which runs in the [[Le Mans Series
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  • ...maller version youth racer, see [[Quarter-midget]]. For the British sports car with its own race series it's the MG Midget. ...roll cage]]s and other safety features. They are intended to be driven for races of relatively short distances, typically 2.5 to 25 miles (4 to 40 km), ofte
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  • ...once peace returned, Bandini did not wait long to release the first sports car to bear his name. ...ame with a hand-hammered aluminum body. Many other post-war Italian sports car companies followed a similar design. But Bandini’s sharp mind, racing kno
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  • |Class||[[Sports car]] ...952 Ferrari 212 Vignale Coupe.JPG|right|thumb|250px|[[Vignale]]'s 212 show car from 1952]]
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  • ...e for both the Italian formula 3 series (open wheel 750 cc) and sports car races. Only four Giaur Champions are known in the world today. Below are pictur {{A-Z multipage list|Car Information and Photos by Marque|Information and Photos by Marque|}}
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  • are often conducted in [[vehicle]]s, such as [[boat]]s and [[automobile|car]]s, on or with [[animal|animals]] such as [[horse]]s and in [[aircraft]]. Early records of races are evident on [[pottery]] from [[ancient Greece]], which depicted running
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  • ...egulations and circuits were used, with the majority being [[Formula Two]] races at the [[ACI Vallelunga Circuit]]. In 1954 and 1963 the Rome Grand Prix was The 1947 race was notable as it marked the first win for [[Ferrari]] with a car of their own construction, the [[Ferrari 125 S]].
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  • |Class || [[FR layout|front-engined]] [[sports car]] ...|166 Inter]] [[GT car]] and [[Ferrari 166 F2|166 F2]] [[Formula 2]] racing car''
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  • ...esses, [[Piaggio]] blocks the production of a series of new models for the races, in 1974. Meanwhile, in 1973, the marque '''Elmec''' was born and the basis ...s of all other properties, the sales begin to decline and also resulted in sports competitors not being very expected. In 1977, [[Al Motosalone]] of [[Milan]
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  • ...|Count Bruno d'Harcourt]] during a practice run. All winners, in [[touring car]]s, were either [[France|French]] or [[Monaco|Monegasque]]. ...d in 1954, it was held on a circuit at the city of [[Agadir]] for [[sports car]]s, and French dominance was interrupted by an [[Italy|Italian]] driver, [[
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  • [[Image:Le_Mans_1955_start.jpg|thumb|250px|'''Start of the race, Levegh #20 car is in the center of the frame''']] ...lso critical; the first use of [[disc brake]]s on a car was in a [[Jaguar (car)|Jaguar]] racing in Le Mans. Mercedes-Benz still used drum-brake in 1955, b
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  • | Events || [[Formula One]]; [[Champ Car|CART]]; [[Trans-Am Series|Trans-Am]] ...nds Prix in the [[1982 Formula One season|1982 season]]. (The other two US races, [[1982 United States Grand Prix West|Long Beach]] and [[1982 Caesars Palac
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  • courses. It is also host to several other auto races and [[motorcycle]] races such as the [[American Federation of Motorcyclists]] series. ...on, [[Infineon Technologies|Infineon]]. However, as with many renamings of sports complexes, many people still call it by its original name. Despite its name
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  • |Team(s):||[[Scuderia Ferrari|Ferrari]], [[Cooper Car Company|Cooper]] |Races:||2
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  • |Races:||34 ...r really blossomed. During the late 1930s he won numerous minor Grand Prix races, securing himself the [[Italy|Italian]] Drivers' Champion three years in a
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  • |Class || [[Race car]] ...track than other cars, the Birdcage was unreliable and often retired from races due to problems with the gearbox. The [[Maserati MC12]] is available only i
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  • [[image:carndrivercanam.jpg|thumb|right|Cover of Car and Driver magazine, showing transparent diagram of CanAm racer]] ...tally different series based on obsolete [[Formula 5000]] cars with sports car bodies.
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  • | Races || 32 ...was after he entered the prestigious [[Mille Miglia]] in a Ferrari sports car that he eventually started racing on four wheels regularly.
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  • In 1951 [[Franco Bertoni]] divided up between the races in motion aboard a [[MV Agusta]] and the management of the concessionaire [ Thus the [[Bertoni Sports 160]] that was proposed at the same price of the Gilera 125, gaining some s
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  • The '''Bandini-Maserati 1500''' is a racing car, produced in [[1953]] by the company [[Bandini|Bandini Cars]]. ...ata, Offenhauser, [[Saab]], [[MG]] and [[Alfa Romeo] ] But in this type of car have some relief created ad hoc.
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  • ...ear hosts everything from car shows to vintage races to world class sports car racing events. Located in the quiet Northwest corner of [[Connecticut]], it Many local and national car clubs, such as the [[BMW Car Club of America]] and [ Porsche Club of America], hold w
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  • Road races were held on public streets ([[road racing]]) around Mugello since the 1920 | [[Sports car racing|Sports car]]
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  • | Races || 63 (''all models'')<br>19 (''312B'')<br>12 (''312B2/B2-72'')<br>27 The '''Ferrari 312B''' was a series of [[Formula One]] racing car models, designed and built by [[Scuderia Ferrari]]. It was the successor to
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  • The names that have been characterizing the [[Italian]] [[sports cars]] in the past are often quite familiar ones. The world made of amateur ...gine till 2004, when we pass to a Chevrolet 8 cylinders. We ran with a 2WD car, and in 2005 we had the final evolution: Chevrolet 8 cylinders (modified),
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  • ...[[four-cylinder]] model which could develop 36 [[bhp]] at 3600 [[rpm]]. A sports version with 1981cc engine was offered, as was a [[six-cylinder]] version o ...ture of aircraft. The conversion occurred in 1918 and the first production car left the plant the following year.
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  • ...various forms of motorsport, from [[Grand Prix motor racing]] to [[touring car racing]]. The '' 'Alfa Races Department Romeo''', is a section of the homonymous business, that it is oc
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  • |Class || [[FR layout|front-engined]] [[sports car]] ...vio Costruzioni 815]], the [[Ferrari 125 F1|125 F1]], a [[Formula 1]] race car sharing the same engine''
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  • |Former names || Elkhart Lake Road Races *[[Champ Car]] World Series - Road America Grand Prix - September 21-24, 2006
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  • '''SpaItalia''' is an annual event dedicated to automotive '[[car]] [[Made in Italy]] held from [[2002]] [[Francorchamps]] a small town near ...ided by category where there may participate whoever is in possession of a car in Italy.
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  • Accossato is a synonym for a very successful sports motorcycles built in Italy and as a small series. The quality and ingenuity for the dirt bike sport. Until 1981 different drivers disputed national races. In 1982, for the first time he ventured with a small team on the internati
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  • | Events || [[Can-Am]]<br>[[Champ Car World Series]]<br>[[Formula One]]<br>[[American Le Mans Series]]<br>[[Atlan ...dian Grand Prix]] events staged here. Of the forty cars entered those two races, only 16 reached the checkered flag.
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  • ...ling Moss]] resulting in a massive over-heating incident. &nbsp;Later, the car was restored by [[Medardo Fantuzzi]] of [[Maserati]] (new chassis #4512); l ...[Stirling Moss]] and [[Juan Manuel Fangio]]) the wheel dropped off; so the car was later sold to [[Temple Buell]], who drilled it to 5.7-litre, later to [
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  • | Team(s) || non-works [[Cooper Car Company|Cooper]] | Races || 1
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  • {{Racing car | Races = 3|
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  • |Car Team || 1 - [[Dale Earnhardt, Inc.]] ...ina]] before he purchased his own home. His cousin, [[Curtis Truex, Jr.]], races modifieds at [[Wall Township Speedway]]
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  • ...e are their 1966 to 1980 [[Formula One]] cars, and also their 1969 to 1973 sports prototypes of the [[Ferrari P]] series, using modified engines. Ferrari's first 1966 car consisted of a 3.3-liter V12 that was taken from the [[Ferrari P|Ferrari 25
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  • The Coppa Acerbo races were held over a 15 - 16 mile (24 – 26&nbsp;km) circuit, beginning and en ==Pre-war races==
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  • ..., Abarth & C. S.r.l was quite successful in [[hillclimbing]] and [[sports car racing]], mainly in classes from 850cc up to 2000cc, competing with [[Porsc ...Carlo Abarth that he could drive a factory car for free if he won all the races he entered—which Abt nearly did, winning 29 of 30, the 30th being a secon
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  • ...until 1956. The track and the pits were widened in early 1957 and [[sports car racing]] was staged by the automobile club [[ADAC]]. From 1961 to 1964, non-Championship [[Formula One]] Grand Prix races were also held, in addition to previous [[Formula 2]] and [[Formula Junior]
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  • * the [[United States Grand Prix]] races held at the [[Watkins Glen International|Watkins Glen Grand Prix Race Cours ...the [[Detroit street circuit]] from [[1982]] through [[1988]]; the Detroit races were also called the '''Detroit Grand Prix'''.
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  • In 1952, Rumi was producing the "sports" and "super sport" motorcycle models (single and twin carburetor versions r In 1958, Rumi also produced a sports version called the "Tipo Sport" which had a 22mm carburetor, larger exhaust
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  • ...Raymond started to display daredevil tendencies of his own, entering motor races in a privateer [[Chrysler]] Imperial. The following year, he won the [[24 ...g to see drivers from non-fascist countries in the cars. Sommer turned to sports cars once more, winning the [[SPA 24 Hours]] endurance race with co-driver
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  • ...t a select number of races for Penske in [[1992]] and ended up starting 11 races, many of his starts were as a substitute driver for the injured [[Rick Mear ...ounded from his poor start and finished on the podium in 8 of the final 12 races with victories at Detroit, Nazareth, and Laguna Seca. His third-place show
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  • ...gined]], two-door, two-seat [[24 Hours of Le Mans|Le Mans]]-style [[sports car]], in the spirit of the [[Maserati 350S|350]] and [[Maserati 450S|450S]], t ...nk and a very light glass fiber/carbon fiber spyder body, accelerating the car to about 180mph. The development of a road version was stopped at a late st
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  • '''Touring car racing''' is a general term for a number of distinct [[auto racing]] compet ==Characteristics of a touring car==
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  • ...t over the line was [[Émile Levassor]] but he was disqualified because his car was not a required four-seater. ...]], the French automobile club ACF staged a number of major international races, usually from or to Paris, connecting with another major city in Europe or
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  • ...t over the line was [[Émile Levassor]] but he was disqualified because his car was not a required four-seater. ...]], the French automobile club ACF staged a number of major international races, usually from or to Paris, connecting with another major city in Europe or
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  • ...xperienced Formula One driver and the new Cooper F3 was a very competitive car in its class. Soon Stewart was besting McLaren's times, causing McLaren to ...long and slow transport to a hospital, he brought his own doctor to future races, while the BRM team supplied a medical truck for the benefit of all.
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  • | Races || 5 (4 starts) ...carella''' (born [[March 4]] [[1933]] in [[Palermo]]) is a former [[sports car racing]] and [[Formula One]] driver from [[Sicily]], [[Italy]].
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  • ...ere were plans to partially demolish this racetrack to make room for a new sports complex to be used for the 2007 [[Pan-American Games]]. It would make the t ===Formula One races===
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  • | Class || [[Sports car]] ...p speed of 190 km/h. The engine was connected to a four speed gearbox. The car had independent suspension all round and drum brakes on all four wheels.
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  • ...[Stirling Moss]] resulting in a massive over-heating incident. Later, the car was restored by [[Fantuzzi]] of [[Maserati]] (new chassis #4512); later by ...o [[Temple Buell]], who drilled it to 5.7-litre, later to [[Jim Hall (race car driver)|Jim Hall]]. The final works cars, #4507, was also destroyed at [[C
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  • of the new millennium. The principles of the brand are the passion for sports and racing cars, the experience and expertise of complex works of the found ...a [[Ducati]]. His love of speed had him participate in many [[hillclimb]] races running sport [[prototype]] vehicles and personally restored [[Abarth]]s.
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  • |Class:||[[FR layout|front-engined]] [[sports car]] ...evolution of the [[Ferrari 125|125 S]] [[race car]] that became a [[sports car]] for the street. It shared its [[Aurelio Lampredi]]-designed tube frame a
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  • ...ct''' is a high-performance version of a [[compact car]] or a [[subcompact car]]. They are typically are [[front engine]]d, [[front wheel drive]] cars dri ...phy of a sport compact sharply contrasts with those of 'true' sports cars. Sports cars are designed with a performance-oriented philosophy, often compromisin
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  • |Races || 51 ...ill began racing cars at an early age, going to [[England]] as a [[Jaguar (car)|Jaguar]] trainee in 1949 and signing with [[Enzo Ferrari]]’s team in 195
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  • |Team(s) || [[Scuderia Ferrari|Ferrari]], [[Cooper Car Company|Cooper]], [[Anglo American Racers]] |Races || 12 (10 starts)
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  • ...ash; died [[October 19]], [[1987]], was a [[Germany|German]] champion race car driver. ...he earned their grudging respect when he won five of the eight Grand Prix races he started, including victories at the [[Belgian Grand Prix]], the [[Grand
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  • The '''Alfa Romeo Tipo 33''' was a [[sports car racing|sports racing]] [[prototype]] raced by the [[Alfa Romeo in motorsport|Alfa Romeo] Alfa Romeo started development of Tipo 33 in early 1960s, first car being built in 1965. First version was sent to 1963 established
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  • |Class || [[Sports car]] |Similar || [[Audi R8 (road car)|Audi R8]]<br>[[Ferrari F430]]<br>[[Maserati GranTurismo]]
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  • |Races || 7 ...[[June 9]], [[1898]] - [[June 20]], [[1952]]) was an Italian champion race car driver.
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  • : ''This article is about the 1969-1971 race car. For road cars designated '''512 BB / 512 BBi''' and '''512 TR / F512M''' s ...a [[sports car racing|sports car]], related to the [[Ferrari P]] series of sports prototypes. It was raced in [[1970]] and [[1971]], then withdrawn from comp
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  • ...]. These were actually licenced products from the latter company.The first car was the 20-25[[HP]] which used a 3770cc four cylinder engine, followed the ...t cars continued to be developed and produced. The [[Tipo]] 10 was a small car with a 1018cc four-cylinder engine, whilst the Tipo 30 was built under lice
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  • ...l drive layout|mid-engined]] [[sports car]] produced by the Italian sports car manufacturer [[Ferrari]]. The 458 Italia replaces the [[Ferrari F430]]. In Ferrari's first official announcement of the car, the 458 Italia was described as the successor to the F430 but arising from
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  • ...Ermini named "Pasquino" was one of the most representative Italian, sports car manufactures of '40 and '50 years.(the cause of his premature death is stil years he had opportunities to compete, sometimes driving his customer's car like: the Consuma's Cup in 1935, he drove an Alfa Romeo to the Parma-Poggio
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  • ...major race in [[1961]], the [[Player's 200]], a [[sports car racing|sports car race]] bringing drivers from the world over to rural [[Ontario]]. [[Stirli ...e Stirling Moss, [[Gilles Villeneuve]], [[Bruce McLaren]] and even [[stock car]] king [[Richard Petty]], have raced at Mosport. No fewer than 16 [[Formul
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  • ...round effect''' is term applied to a series of aerodynamic effects used in car design, which has been exploited to create [[downforce]], particularly in r so that incoming air is accelerated through a narrow slot between the car and the ground, lowering pressure by [[Bernoulli's principle]].
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  • ...and some 512 in private hands were entered in [[CanAm]] and [[Interserie]] races. ...of 3000 resp. 4380&nbsp;cc. However, in the specific case of world sports car championship and [[24 hours of Le Mans]] racing cars, regulations in those
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  • ...t over the line was [[Émile Levassor]] but he was disqualified because his car was not a required four-seater. ...]], the French automobile club ACF staged a number of major international races, usually from or to Paris, connecting with another major city in Europe or
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  • ...0-cylinder valve in the head. Also picks up two gold medals at the Six Day races in [[1947]] in [[Czechoslovakia]]. Between 1947 and 1948 is two 250, the car''VL-valve 4''side''and''Sports Monotubo from Piglio sport. The VL-4 will be used successfully in Regularit
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  • ...Matich]]'s outright time set in a 2.6 litre [[Lotus Cars|Lotus]] [[Sports Car]]. ...the second and last running of this endurance race. Endurance touring car races would continue at Oran Park well into the 1980s and apart from the Sandown
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  • The '''FIA GT Championship''' is a [[sports car racing]] series organized by the [[Stéphane Ratel Organisations]] (SRO) at ...o qualify. Both types may undergo significant modifications from the road car they are based on, but GT1 allows the use of exotic materials, better [[aer
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  • ...[Walter Brun]], who ran the [[Brun Motorsport]] [[sports car racing|sports car]] team. (Modena missing out four times, and being excluded from another two races for technical infringements, and Larrauri failing seven times), and Modena'
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  • ...on engine]] powering wheel-mounted [[electric motor]]s. They presented the car on the [[Exposition Universelle (1900)|1900 World Exhibition]] in [[Paris]] ...amlined, 85 [[horsepower]] (63 kW) car won the first three places, and the car is still better known by the nickname "Prince Henry" than by its name "Mode
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  • The '''ADAC 1000km Nürburgring''' is an [[Endurance racing]] and [[Sports car racing]] event on the [[Nürburgring]] in Germany, organized by the [[ADAC] ...rburgring]] stayed on the legendary long track. In 1991, the 1000&nbsp;km races were first shortened to 480&nbsp;km, then discontinued overall due to the d
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  • ...ped radiator, and is regarded by many as the most-beautiful pre-war racing car. ...k. Bugatti organized the [[Targa Florio]] as a special spotlight for this car, and it claimed victory there for five consecutive years, from [[1925]] thr
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  • The '''Alfa Romeo Tipo 33''' was a [[sports car racing]] prototype raced by the [[Alfa Romeo]] factory team between 1967 an ...s also used in the 1980s for the unrelated road car, [[Alfa Romeo 33 (road car)]].
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  • Born in [[Paris, France]] to a father who loved motor sports and was employed as the motoring correspondent for the Petit Parisien newsp ...d [[French Grand Prix]]. Jean-Pierre Wimille died at the wheel of a racing car during practice runs for the 1949 [[Buenos Aires]] Grand Prix.
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  • be used by privateer teams until 1991. It was also the company's first car meeting [[Group C]] regulations, replacing the previous [[Lancia LC1|LC1]] ...tions, Lancia (under the direction of [[Cesare Fiorio]]) needed an all-new car to replace the open-cockpit LC1s that were no longer eligable for champions
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  • ...the current Champ Car World Series and the Indy Racing League see [[Champ Car]] and [[Indy Racing League|IRL]].'' ...Indianapolis speedway disliked the idea. The CRL was abandoned before any races were run and CART exclusively sanctioned the championship. [http://www.neta
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  • ...ine Code: F133) but was positioned as the company's highest-end model. The car used a transaxle layout, with the 6-speed manual gearbox located at the bac It was surprising at the car's launch that Ferrari had abandoned the famous mid-engined layout in favour
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  • | class = [[Sports car]] ([[S-segment|S]])<!-- per [[WP:CARCLASS]], this should not be changed to ...l drive layout|mid-engined]] [[sports car]] produced by the Italian sports car manufacturer [[Ferrari]], introduced in 2015 to replace the previous [[Ferr
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  • ...-3.jpg|thumb|300px|[[Bruno Senna]] drives a Dallara F304 [[Formula Three]] Car during a support race at the [[2006 Australian Grand Prix]]]] ...1972, near [[Parma]], [[Italy]] and started building chassis for [[sports car]] racing and [[hillclimbing]], racing in the smaller engine classes. In 197
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  • |Races || 132 '''Osella''' is an [[Italy|Italian]] racing car manufacturer and former [[Formula One]] team based in Volpiano near [[Turin
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  • The '''Alfa Romeo 6C''' name was used on road, race and sports cars made between 1925–1954 by Alfa Romeo. 6C refers to to a straight 6 e ...Milan]], production started 1927, with the [[Alfa Romeo P2|P2]] Grand Prix car as starting point. Engine capacity was now 1487&nbsp;cc, against the P2's 1
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  • The '''Bandini 750 sports torpedo''' is a racing car model, produced from [[1950]] to [[1956]] by the italian company [[Bandini| ...ndini Cars | Bandini]] as [[car]] international level. These are the ''750 sports torpedo'' fact, to take [in [Forlì]] the title of Champion of [[USA]] [[19
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  • ...that the Parilla was the motorcycle to beat. Strangely enough most of the races that were being won, were being done on stock Parilla motorcycles with over ...rts Competition Advertisement.jpg|thumb|right|250px|'''1955 Parilla 175 cc Sports Competition Advertisement''']]
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  • ...ined a popular [[sports car racing]] venue and was often used for national races. Speeds continued to be very high, and two [[chicane]]s were added to the ...irley Muldowney]] ran a 5.30 on the quarter-mile strip at Fuji. Local drag races are common on the circuit.
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  • ...emblem is a [[trident]]. Today, Maserati is owned directly by the Italian car giant [[Fiat]], after having been a part of [[Ferrari]] (a company in which, Bindo, Ernesto and Ettore, kept the firm going, building cars that won races.
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  • ...chassis number, but was a purpose built [[Sports car racing|sports racing car]], with a tubular [[spaceframe]] chassis, light all-aluminum bodywork, disc ...ed the success of this tail treatment in their "coda tronca" Sprint Zagato sports-racing cars, and it was a natural evolution to adapt this to the Giulia TZ.
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  • |Related:||[[Enzo Ferrari (car)|Enzo Ferrari]] ...rand tourer]], the MC12 qualifies as a supercar, meeting all criteria. The car entered production in [[2004]] with 30 to be produced (5 not for sale) and
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  • ...Mosport]] Park in [[Bowmanville, Ontario]] as a [[sports car racing|sports car]] event before it alternated between Mosport and [[Circuit Mont-Tremblant]] ...the Canadian Grand Prix at Mosport in 1961. Several international sports car as well as Formula One drivers participated in the event. For the first fi
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  • The '''Ferrari F40''' is a [[RMR layout|mid-engine]] [[sports car]] that was produced by [[Ferrari]] from 1987 to 1992 as the successor to t ...ning the necessary equipment to be a street-legal product. It was the last car to be commissioned by [[Enzo Ferrari|Enzo]] himself before his death.
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  • ...cases the vehicle may be built by the converter, or assembled from a [[kit car]], and vehicles of this type are also noted below.<br> ...ries, the user can choose to buy a converted vehicle of any model in the [[Car dealership|automaker dealerships]] only paying the cost of the batteries an
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  • ...nimal protection for spectators and riders. 222 people have died since the races began. Motor racing began on the Isle of Man in 1904 with the Gordon Bennett car trials.
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  • The '''Ferrari P''' series were prototype sports cars in the 1960s and early 1970s. Although [[Enzo Ferrari]] resisted the move even with [[Cooper Car Company|Cooper]] dominating F1, [[Ferrari]] began producing [[MR layout|mid
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  • '''[[Grand American Road Racing Association|Grand-Am]] [[Rolex Sports Car Series]]'''<br>[[6 Hours of Watkins Glen|Sahlen's Six Hours of The Glen]]<b ...|| [[Grand American Road Racing Association|Grand-Am]][[Rolex Sports Car Series]]
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  • '''Flags''' are traditionally used in [[auto racing]] and similar sports to communicate important messages to drivers. Typically, the primary flagma without mutual consent (excluding crashed and immobile cars). In some races, though, cars may pass one another on the [[pit stop|pit road]] during a ca
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