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Maserati MC12

Maserati MC12
Aka: Maserati MC12 Stradale, Maserati MCC
Manufacturer: Maserati
Parent company: Fiat
Production: 2004-2005
50 produced
Assembly: Ferrair
Predecessor: Ferrari Enzo
Class: Supercar
Platform: Ferrari Enzo
Body style: Coupe
Engine: 6L V12 465 kW (630 bhp)
Transmission: Maserati Cambiocorsa Semi-automatic transmission
Wheelbase: 2800 mm (110.2 in
Length: 5143 mm (202.5 in)
Width: 2100 mm (82.5 in)
Height: 1205 mm (47.4 in)
Weight: 1335 kg (2943 lb)
Fuel Economy: 23 L/100 km combined
Fuel Capacity: 115 L (30 U.S. gallons)
Related: Enzo Ferrari
Similar: Koenigsegg CCR,
Pagani Zonda,
Saleen S7,
Bugatti Veyron
Designer: Frank Stephenson at Pininfarina

The Maserati MC12 is a supercar produced by Maserati as a roadcar (for homologation) from which they developed a FIA GT Championship racing variant. Despite Maserati calling it a grand tourer, the MC12 qualifies as a supercar, meeting all criteria. The car entered production in 2004 with 30 to be produced (5 not for sale) and a further 25 produced in 2005. All 50 were pre-sold for 600 000.

The car has generally received positive reviews but it's critics say it is hard to drive, overpriced and too large. Other criticisms include the lack of trunk, rear window, spare tire and radio.

The MC12 was developed to signal Maserati's return to racing after 37 years. 3 GT1 race cars were entered into the FIA GT with great success. Maserati began racing in the FIA GT toward the end of the 2004 season winning their only race. The racing MC12's were also entered into the American Le Mans Series races in 2005 but had size issues and consequently paid weight penalties.


The MC12 has a mid-engine, rear wheel drive V12 in a 2 door coupe with a targa top roof however the detached roof cannot be stored in the car. The car is noted for its size and consequent obscurity, being very long, wider than a Hummer H2 and combined with the lack of rear window, it makes parking very difficult.The totally carbon fibre exterior is available only in the white and blue colour scheme and serves as a tribute to the America Camoradi Scuderia racing team of the early 1960s that drove Maserati Tipo Birdcages.

The tachometer in the MC12 indicates redline rpm at 7500 but the engine is safe from damage up to 7700. The centre-lock wheel nuts (that hold the wheels to the chassis) are colour coded, red nuts on the left of the car, blue on the right.

While designed as a homologation vehicle and a modification of a racing car the interior of the car is designed to be luxurious. The interior is a mix of carbon fibre, leather and "Brightex" which was found to be "too expensive for the fashion industry". However the interior has been criticized for a lack of a radio or car stereo.

Enzo Ferrari

The car was based heavily on the Enzo Ferrari, sharing the same Ferrari Dino V12 engine with slight modifications, the same gearbox (but renaming it Maserati Cambiocorsa) and the same chassis and track (length of axle between the wheels). The only externally visible component shared with the Enzo is the windshield.



  • 0-100 km/h (62 mph): 3.8 seconds
  • 0-200 km/h (125 mph): 9.9 seconds
  • Standing ¼ mile: 11.3 seconds
  • Standing kilometer: 20.1 seconds
  • Top speed: 330 km/h (205 mph)





  • Front: Brembo ABS, 380 mm (15 in) discs with 6 calipers
  • Rear: Brembo ABS, 335 mm (13.2 in) discs with 4 calipers


  • Pirelli P Zero Corsa
  • Front: 245/35 ZR 19
  • Rear: 345/35 ZR 19


  • Frank Mountain - English born, American property developer and car enthusiast. This car is featured in a Fifth Gear video driven in snow and crashing. He also owns an Enzo Ferrari.
  • Jamiroquai leader (Jason Kay) - English singer, owns a black MC12 (post sale paint job)


An MC12 GT1 at Road Atlanta in the ALMS in 2005


In 2004 Maserati completed 25 road cars and 3 race cars intended for FIA GT GT1 class. In 2004 the German, Vitaphone-sponsored Maserati Team finished 7th having only competed in one race; Dubai. In 2005 the Maserati Team won the FIA GT Manufacturers Cup with 239 points, almost double the next team (Ferrari with 125 points).

In 2006 the only team representing Maserati is the Vitaphone Team. On October 1st the Vitaphone Team secured victory for the 2006 season despite their drivers placing 5th and 7th with weight penalties of 85 kg and 105 kg respectively. The Vitaphone Team gained enough points to be "out of reach" of their nearest rival Aston Martin Racing BMS (who race the DBR9). According to the Vitaphone Sporting Director, Rafael Calafell, the goal of the Vitaphone Team is now to win the Drivers' title.

American Le Mans Series

The Maserati MC12's were unable to compete in the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) in 2004 because they exceeded both the length and width restrictions. The car was shortened by 200 mm (7.9 inches) to comply but was still 66 mm (2.6 inches) too wide. In 2005 the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA), the governing body in North American racing, allowed the MC12 to compete but with a weight penalty, however the ACO (the regulatory body of Le Mans including the ALMS) disallowed the MC12 to compete in the "Endurance Classic".

Top Gear

  • The Maserati MC12 beat the Enzo Ferrari on Top Gear's test track, driven by The Stig, by 0.1 seconds with a time of 1:18.9, the Enzo produced a time of 1:19.
  • Jeremy Clarkson criticized the car heavily pointing out it's lack of a rear window and it's size. He also commented that it was difficult (due to the size) and one of the twitchiest cars he has ever driven. Regarding the designing of a racing car and modification to road standards he said; "Is it a racer? Is it a GT car? Is it a de-tuned Enzo in a fat suit? You can't really tell."

MC12 Corsa

Maserati MC12
Maserati MC12 Corsa
Manufacturer: Maserati
Parent company: Fiat
Production: 2006
12 (non-production vehicle)
Assembly: Ferrari
Class: Supercar
Platform: Ferrari Enzo
Body style: Coupe
Engine: 6 L V12 564 kW (755 bhp) at 8000 rpm
Transmission: Maserati Cambiocorsa Semi-automatic transmission
Weight: 1150 kg (2535 lb)
Fuel economy: It's a race car! (Not to good)
Fuel capacity: Depending on the race
Related: Maserati MC12,
Enzo Ferrari
Similar: Ferrari FXX

The MC12 Corsa was developed in mid-2006 "in response to the customer demand to own the MC12 racing car and fuelled by the growth in track days, where owners can drive their cars at high speeds in the safety of a race track" stated Edward Butler, (General Manager for Maserati in Australia and New Zealand). The MC12 Corsa is sold only to selected customers and is not street legal, consequently Maserati is responsible for the upkeep of the car and it is only driven on specially organised "track days", all similar traits to the Ferrari FXX. However unlike the FXX the MC12 Corsa is not for testing new technologies, it's made for track racing only.

The MC12 Corsa cost €1 million (US$1.7 million), and was developed directly from the MC12 GT1 which won the 2005 FIA GT Manufacturers Cup. It is available in the "Blue Victory" colour but is personally customisable. Twelve were sold to selected Maserati customers to participate in "day races" organised by Maserati, however another 3 were produced for testing and publicity. While the brakes are made of a carbon-ceramic, similar to the Enzo, the MC12 Corsa does not feature ABS.

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