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Elefant 750 Dakar

The Cagiva Elefant is a motorcycle from Desert road that is the able one to go on sabbiosi lands like on asphalt, came some produced in several piston displacements, 125 cc, 200 cc, 350 cc, 650 cc, 750 cc and 900 cc, the two small piston displacements piu was produced with motors to two times, while the others all with twin-cylinder engines to four times.

Elefant 125

Nacque in the 1984 taking advantage of like base the Cagiva red Fin, but being a model from Dakar, traced the shapes of Elefant 750 that ran in Dakar Rally and with the exception of the red Fin it had the capiente tank and different colorations. As far as the ciclistica the motion exactly had like the red Fin the cooling to liquid, the monoammortizzatore posterior, the mixer, the aspiration to lamellare and the not pierced front Disc brake, this model came produced until to 1988.

The motor (from which horse vapore|cavalli]] to 8500 turns derives that one of Mito) had twenty or so [[, but on the circulation booklet they were declares you single 11 Kw thus to render some possible I still today use it with single patente B or with l ' A1 to 16 years.

To the age, for prohibited how much from the Rule of the Road, it was much diffusing like for the model red Fin, the maggiorazione that carried the rolled to approximately 160 cc thanks to the produced thermal group from the Polini, often accompanied with the substitution of the carburetor Of the Garden from 24 mm with one of greater fine diameter also to 34 milimeter

Elefant 200

This model of the Elefant was not a lot appreciated, for via of its inusuale piston displacement and for via of its structure, identical to that one of Elefant 125, in fact the two models only differ for the piston displacement, for this came only produced from 1984 to 1986.

Elefant 350

This model was produced from 1985 to 1989, more better came an appreciated P2o regarding Elefant 200, but also this model turns out for much heavy being and not much performante, for of piu many persons badly digested the pedal starter, even if he did not turn out diffice to start the motion and the line with the mudguard high Cross type is not a lot very seen.

Comunqiue all that does not remove that it is a motion from elevated the characteristic techniques, where several the members like the twin-cylinder engine Ducati desmo, the monoshock-absorber Öhlins, the Marzocchi staples and the refraining system Brembo, is derives to you from model 650 and 750.

Elefant 650

Elefant 650

This model came like for the 350 product from 1985 to 1989, the problems finds to you was praticamenti the same ones of version 350, but little was accused here the reduced power, but this model was perceived of piu the hard work to the starters, as the 350 high Cross type has the mudguard and also in this model it is not a lot very seen and stona with the motion.

Happened that a not rispecchia real value of the motion fortified with twin-cylinder engine derived Ducati desmo from a long and elaboriosa collaboration and with some small modification of the house of Varese, the Elefant can moreover sfoggiare the monoshock-absorber Öhlins, the Marzocchi staples and the refraining system Brembo.

Elefant 750

This model of the Elefant came produced in one first version from 1987 to 1990, and a second one from 1994 to 1997, this model turned out to be between the piu appreciates you for its just relationship succeeding weight power and collected a discreet one, thanks also to the renewed line and with that mudguard bottom like the motion street and from the adoption of the double beacon from 1988 in then.

Elefant 900

This model as Elefant 750 came before produced in two series, from 1990 to 1993, the second one from 1993 to 1998, and exactly as model 750 turns out to be the just compromise and also in this piston displacement collects in discreet happening.

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