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The Cagiva K7 are off road motorcycles in the Cagiva produced in the displacement 50 cc and 125 cc, this bike comes from the Cagiva Cruiser, and is flanked by Cagiva Super City from a motorcycle supermotard and by Cagiva N 90 a motorcycle from the desert.


This bike is very similar to the K model in its cylinder capacity and was produced from 1991 to 1993.


This bike is very similar to Super Sister City, and was produced by 1990 in 1992, this bike is different from her sister by supermotard for many small details.

This bike mount the engine block of the myth, without any change in fact, undergoing the same changes in the course of the Myth of years, only Expansion was different and not could it be otherwise given the type of motion, unlike the Super City that the end of expansion (pin) that was divided in two, so to have two silencers has a single pin and silencer.

The Group of heat K7 used the same cylinder of Myth, as changed by changing the cylinder sports model of Myth (in'90 take the engine model Lucky Explorer), whereas the piston has always used the curved piston bifascia code 8A0054888.

Other unusual aspects of the bike and that they differ from Super City, are the normal ranges with protection for the elastic rod, the boxed swingarm as the Super City, but without stiffening truss, the wheels are a ray, the wing is always of the type below, the lighthouse is also double-round, just like those of Cagiva Elefant bifaro or Tamanaco/N90, while the rest of the bike is unchanged.

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