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Cagiva SST with to the version cross-country vehicle SXT , was the last model of motorcycle produced from the AMF-Harley Davidson and the first product from the Cagiva that of it it found the plants and the brand.

Typical motion unprovided road the tourist of protezioni, of the type that to the days today would come declared like naked , much similar one to California of the Guzzi Motion, but without the lateral ags.

The motion was in production from the '75 with the two motorizations from 125 and 250 cc, from '78 was launch on the market version 350 cc, came initially produced with the HD-Cagiva brand, then in the 80 came produced with the brand Cagiva, all the models is fortified with a mmotore to two times.

SST 125

Cagiva SST 125 was the succeeding greater version with, the destined one to the sedicenni neopatentati of the time, a lot appreciate from the public and that it was the warhorse of the motorcycle house varesina, this model I turn out to the times a lot appreciated, much to primeggiare with the models piaggio, having in many greater years a number of sales.

The succeeded one of this accompanied model was the constructive semplicita one and of guide from the reduced cost of means, it is to buy it that to maintain it, had like characteristics the marce long but not too much and one buana resumption since the first regimes, all this comes accompanied from reduced oil consumptions and benzine, this motion was produced from the 1975 to the 1985.

SST 250

Cagiva SST 250 was not mmolto various from model 125, in fact it resumed in all the points the model of rolled minor, turned out to be sturdy and heavy pear tree piu, this motion was produced from the 1975, until the 1985, ten years of produzuione, without never to endure changes, that it says it long on its happened one and appreciation.

SST 350

This model within in production in 1978 and of usci the 1986, this model was much similar one to version 250, invatti the single difference was in the motor, however it came some introduced also a version fortified of sidecar, that but of it it penalized enormously the performances and behaviors on road.

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