Cagiva Tamanaco

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The Cagiva Tamanaco is a motorcycle road from Desert-ie able to go on sandy soils as sull'asfalto, was produced in only 125 displacements.


He was born in 1989 as an evolution of Cagiva Cruiser, where adopting a new front fender with a low profile and twice round the lighthouse beacon in place of the single square, this development adopts a new engine fitted with an exhaust valve This model was produced until 1990, replaced by Cagiva N 90.

The bike is different for the new engine (cylinder and piston), the new frame, in steel, but revised, the new swingarm always boxed steel but revised forks are reversed, is introduced to the brake disc to the rear for the addition of goodwill electric, so you can start the half without having to use the lever to the pedal, the adoption of a new carburetor largest, which the freshman 4P003106 of this model, has different configurations, using a valve gas, pin taper, different gun, whereas the exchange rate using a first gear longest from freshman 4P003251, also of this model.

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