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The Cagiva C589 is a racing motorcycle made by Cagiva, whose name is formed from the combination of letters and numbers C, 5 and 89, where C stands for 'Cagiva, 5 'stands for 500 (as the class of the world economy and the displacement), 89 stands for 1989 (year in which it was brought to the race model). This competition motorcycle is produced by the Varese motorcycle company that raced in the motomondiale in 1989 with the rider Randy Mamola and the number 12.


This motion to adopt the new forks reversed (also used at the end of the championship with the'88 model year), but did not give life easier for its pilots, in fact the bike on the wrong weight distribution makes it impossible to download a free power to the ground and pilots find themselves in difficulty, in fact Randy Mamola (with the number 12) scores only 18 ° at the end of the season, while his companion Massimo Broccoli (with the number 29) is placed 29th.

Impact on the production of series

The C589 was the model from which it was inspired by the aesthetics of a standard production road, the Cagiva Mito, which reflects perfectly the liveries of the C589.

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