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This page is a list of cars generally regarded as supercars. However, the category is a subjective one and the inclusion of some of the vehicles listed may be more or less controversial, depending upon the opinions of the reader.

While there is no objective definition of a supercar, they are generally considered to have characterics like cutting-edge technology, extreme power, exclusivity/rarity and extravagant styling. For this reason, some cars that may have one or another of these attributes but be notably lacking in others may not be considered "supercars" by some people.


The following is a list of vehicles that are widely considered to be "supercars" for their era. Ranked by the initial year of production for the base model.

1960's Supercars

1970's Supercars

1980's Supercars

1990's Supercars

2000's Supercars

Unproduced supercars

Planned supercars

Disputed/questionable supercars

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