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Aldo Brovarone

Aldo Brovarone born June 24 1926 in Biella in Piedmont Vigliano. He started to study technical and business in that time for that particular area, full of flourishing textile industries, but because the Second World War, did not finish his degree. This setback allowed him to change from his business and devote himself to his passion for drawing, supported by innate artistic talent.

He left for Argentina, where in 1949 began a study of advertising in Buenos Aires. This first work experience gave him the opportunity to enter the world design at AutoAr (Automotores Argentinos), a company created and edited by Piero Dusio, formerly a founder of the Turin based Cisitalia. In 1952 he was recalled to Italy by the same Piero Dusio to be employed at Cisitalia and after a brief experience, because of the severe financial crisis in 1953 is called (in person) by Battista Farina, Pinin said to be part of the company.

After about eight years of working as a stylist, Brovarone played a major role in the design of the Ferrari Superamerica Superfast 2: this design and the prototype was presented in November 1960 at the Salone di Torino car show in the Pininfarina booth. The experimental realization of the great coachbuilder in Turin proposes a totally new style. The design had some common points with the profile of an aircraft wing (aircraft beeing another great passion of Aldo Brovarone). The board consists of the entry in the middle of the muzzle which has been practiced, the air cooler intake, an ellipse of very small that is reminiscent of the Ferrari race cars. The trailing edge had a pointed parade tail, which converge the curvature of the passenger compartment.

With an innovative solution to make it a pure design, Aldo Brovarone hid the headlights under a mask of aluminum, driven by an electric drive, making them disappear completely into the body of the front grille. A quote of Antoine Prunet, by the author of the book Ferrari "The Granturismo" 1980 was, "This wonderful coupè can certainly be considered both for design as for its technical realization, one of the most significant bodies of art".

Aldo Brovarone is also the designer of the Dino Berlinetta Specialewhich Pininfarina presented in therebooth at the Paris car show in 1965. This could be considered the last prototype by the founder of the Pininfarina and one of the first to be followed by his son Sergio. A revolution in design, the first prototype of a new generation for Ferrari mid engine design, whose design had inspired many subsequent mid engine Ferrari's, thus initiating the generation versions of Dino road cars, the Dino 206 and Dino 246.

Very thin profile to the bonnet deportante, where the air is incorporated two pairs of headlamps. On the side, with marked dihedral, opens at the root of a shelled rear fender that gives rise to the air for cooling the engine compartment and the power. Shaping the very pronounced around the wheel, then recall the famous contemporary and P2 and P3. Worthy of note for the absolute novelty is the back, where with a concave rear window and the vertical frame are the two side fins, which extend to the tail. This is extremely innovative solution Eng. Carli gives your a valuable contribution.

In 1965 he also designed the Brovarone Julia Sport, a demonstration of his very prolific and talented, both for him and for the company. In 1975, the last picture from your living room is the Alfa Romeo Alfetta based Eagle, whose prototype would be presented that year at the Salone di Torino in the Pinifarina booth.

In the field of cars series Aldo Brovarone gave his contribution to the stylistic Peugeot 504 and the beautiful Lancia Gamma Coupé.

From 1988 he retired but continued to cultivate his passion for drawing, reading and creating fantastic postcards representatives airplanes and antique cars. Source

Aldo Brovarone was chief stylist for Pininfarina and is known to have designed the following cars:

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