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Nicola Romeo

Nicola Romeo (Sant'Antimo near Naples, 28 April 1876 - Magreglio, 15 August 1938) was an italian engineer and an entrepreneur.

Nicola graduated with a degree in engineering from the Politecnico di Torino in 1899. After that, he worked for a couple of years abroad and completed a second bachelor degree in electrical engineering in Liège, Belgium. In 1911 he returned to Italy and created "Ing. Nicola Romeo e Co.". The company manufactured machines and equipment for the mining industry. As the company became successful he wanted to expand and acquired a majority of Milan based car manufacturing company A.L.F.A. in 1915. Only three years later, in 1918, the whole company was under Nicola Romeos ownership. A.L.F.A. was renamed to "Società Anonima Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo". The first car carrying the Alfa Romeo badge was the 1921 Torpedo 20/30 HP. The company gained a good reputation but in 1927 came very close to liquidation. These changes "forced" him to leave in 1928.

The beginnings

Born in Saint in the province of Naples from Mauritius and advises Tagliatella, in a family with modest economic means; economic conditions forced the family to go on foot from his hometown at the technical attended in Naples and give repetitions for keep the studies. in higher education was a way to approach and achieve great familiarity with mathematics also thanks to his father, elementary teacher, who skillfully addressed in the studies. Conseguita in 1899 graduating in engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of Naples (today may engineering of 'University of Naples Federico II), only 23 years, moved to Liège, in Belgium, where he graduated in electrical engineering. After several attempts to find work at several European companies, he was offered a place to capostazione in Tivoli near Rome, but the engineer refused. He returned to Italy he worked as a representative of Belgian industries that exported machinery.

The birth of Alfa Romeo

In 1911 founded the "Company accomandita simple Ing. Nicola Romeo and Co.." for the production of machinery for mining activities. In 1909 plants Portello at Milan of "Company Italian car Darracq" were discovered by a group of entrepreneurs who had founded the A'nonima ' Theombarda 'Fabbrica Automobili "(ALFA), and in 1915 by Nicola Romeo, who riconvertì to wartime production. With the help of its powerful compressed air, Nicola Romeo approntò in 1916 the famous explosion of Col di Lana.

The postwar

After the end of the war in 1918 the company, which had absorbed the "Mechanical Saronno", "Mechanical Tabanelli" Rome and "Southern Railway Workshops" Naples Changed name as "Stock company Ing. Nicola Romeo and Co.." The company had to tackle the problems of conversion and post-war recession and received aid from the "Consortium subsidies on industrial values." The company had as its objectives the production of different types of vehicles and machinery, but in fact specialized in cars and obtained a considerable reputation for its sporting successes. The establishment of Portello occasions to produce cars designed by the technical Vittorio Jano, which previously had worked on Fiat. The cars were marketed under the brand name 'Alfa Romeo, after a legal battle for the name "Alfa" with the old owners of the factory. In 1920 was born Torpedo 20-30 HP ES and 1923 the RL model, with which the pilot Ugo Sivocci, conquered the the first of ten victories in the Targa Florio. In 1924 has presented the P2.

The company also occupied electrification of railways and construction of electric locomotives in the establishments Saronno and 1926 was founded in Pomigliano d'Arco at Naples a factory of aircraft.

In years 1920 a second crisis was the failure of "Banca Italiana di Discount" which held the majority of shares. The need for drastic changes for rescuing the company did degrade relations between Nicola Romeo and the other members and the engineer left the company in 1928. In 1929 will be appointed senator, United.

His Life

Apart from contractor and industrial engineer Romeo is occupied in the scientific problems of pure geometry. It was also very active in charitable works and founded and supported a kindergarten child in his home town.

He had married the Portuguese Angelina Valadin and had 7 children (Mauritius, Edward, Nicholas, Elena, Juliet, Piera and Irene)

The August 15, 1938 died in his house on Lake Como.

Almost seventy years later, with the 130th anniversary of his birth Naples dedicated a street to the memory of Nicola Romeo called Via Nicola Romeo.

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