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Ferrari 212 Export

Ferrari 212 Export
Manufacturer Ferrari
Class Sports car
Layout FR layout
Production 28
Predecessor 195 S
Successor 225 S
Engines 2.3 L Colombo V12

The 212 Export was a Ferrari car presented in 1951 to replace 195 S. The ceaseless work on the 12-cylinder V designed by Gioachino Colombo continued increasing bore and cylinder capacity coming to a total of 2562.51 cc (unit of just over 213, hence the name "212"), with a capacity of 150 Hp at 6500 rpm.

In addition to the new features of the engine, there were also many innovations in the chassis, derived from the 166 MM, as tested chassis called "Tuboscocca".

The body of this car were several. There were the berlinette and cabriolet of Vignale and Touring, and the most sought Rocco Motto and Fontana.

Three were Spyder's, eight Berlinetta's and two Convertible's, all of which were designs of outstanding elegance. Some were devoid of almost any stylised trim, others featuring lavishly detailed grilles, vents and lourves carved into their bodies. Extremely pretty, Vignale’s run of 212 Export bodies ranks among the most consistently impressive from this or any design house of the period. Ten Export's received coachwork by Touring of Milan, the six Spyder's, one Barchetta and three Berlinetta's once again having come in the firm's tried and tested style.

Precisely the bodywork Fontana created for Marzotto brothers, designed by Franco Reggiani, two special Ferrari cars, a boat known as "Carretto Sicilano, with which the team Marzotto part in the Giro di Sicilia 1951, winning second place, and a the second car, a berlinetta extremely aerodynamic, built on the chassis Ferrari 212 Export, called "Ferrari Egg" for the front of the radiator grille shaped oval, which participated in two editions of Millemiglia in 1952 and 1953.

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