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  • via Nepal 5/7/9
  • 58100 Grosseto
  • (Grosseto)

Irio Tommasini has spent most of his life around bicycles. In 1948, while still racing as an amateur, he started working on bicycles. His building career started at a premier bicycle factory in Milan where he had the opportunity to gain valuable experience and learn the techniques that enabled him in 1957, to start his own business in his home town of Grosseto. By the end of the 60's his factory had begun exporting Tommasini frames abroad. Even in the early days, Tommasini's frames where appreciated for their fine finishes and their true racing geometries. At that time, many amateurs and professional racers were racing and winning on Tommasini's frames. In addition, Tommasini worked under and received guidance from his friend and mentor Giuseppe Pelà, Italy's premier frame builders. Pelà built magnificient winning frames for many top Italian and European professionals, and upon his retirement in 1972 passed on his traditions and skills to Tommasini. Tommasini has carried on these traditions and has added innovations along the way. Today, Irio and his employees produce between 2,000 to 2,500 frames per year for export throughout the world. 100% of Tommasini's production is completely handmade and built inside the Tommasini factory in Grosseto, Italy.

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