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  • Via Statale 52, Ponte San Marco
  • Brescia
  • c/o Carrera Planet Podium
  • per informazioni
  • Tel. 339 10 53 808

So young but yet so rich in history. The history of PODIUM, the firm in Calcinato, in the province of Brescia, manufacturer of the famous Carrera bicycles, born exactly 14 years ago, at the ending 1989, as an initiative of Davide Boifava from the union of the identical professional experiences lived in cycling by Luciano Bracchi and from the need to supply the sponsor Carrera - already, for a certain amount of years, the principle partner in professional formations prepared by Davide Boifava - with a line of bicycles signed with the well-known firm’s name of casual wear.

Today, 14 years later, former cyclist and mechanic Luciano Bracchi has passed from the role of experts and valuable frame builder to the one of Head Responsible for the Production, whereas Francesco Boifava has undertaken the role of Head Sales Manager of the firm which has in the meantime evolved, becoming larger and making itself known to the Italian and to the most international markets, maintaining however intact and unchanged the spirit and philosophy that have characterized the productive and commercial choices over the years. Now in the new millennium the Carrera bicycles produced by PODIUM synthesize, in the best way, refined handicraft tradition and the use of the most advanced technologies, professionalism of a firm animated by qualified technicians formed in the school of agonistic competitions and the pursuit of the best quality also by the means of that in exhausted and irreplaceable test bench represented exactly by the races where Carrera bicycles have, not by chance, gained prestigious and significant goals in the most important competitions, from the Tour de France to the Tour of Italy, up to the World Cup Classic

At the PODIUM, refined handicraft tradition means, first of all, care for each detail down to the slightest particular for the greatest satisfaction of the clientele. And so, for example, the measurements taken can subsequently be computer elaborated by a programme specifically developed: the choice of the tubes is the fruit of an accurate selection among the best products, the filing and the welding (with TIG or braze welding) carried out with the utmost care by skilled technicians, the squaring repeated over and over again, the thermical treatments carried out with the utmost accuracy, the spray painting finished off by an airbrush and carried out with avant-garde systems, the final assembly carried out after careful and repeated tests regarding the quality of each and every fase of the work. All this helps to determine the most high quality standards: a concept tightly correlated with research and continuous innovation.

And as a matter of fact, not by chance, for example, PODIUM was the first, maker in Italy to introduce, at the beginning of the nineties, the use of aluminium (tested in bicycle competitions by Claudio Chiappucci) and later on, the use of combination of carbon and aluminium, thus stressing its vocation as a firm extremely sensitive to the new market trends. Therefore, handicraft tradition, quality, research, innovation: it has been this way for the firm’s first 14 years of age. It will also be this way in the future.

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