Cicli Moser

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Cicli Moser

  • via della Rupe, 26
  • 38017 Mezzolombardo (TN) - Italy
  • +39 (0461) 604149 tel
  • +39 (0461) 603019 fax

Francesco Moser, a great Italian bicycle champion, began making bicycles in his small workshop in Trento. While Moser does not "craft" the bicycles himself, he oversees his craftsmen as they produce between two and three thousand frames a year. Moser's frames are known for fillet braze construction using silver solder. (Silver is low temperature brazing and the tubing never weakens because of heat). After brazing ,the frame is hand filed to smooth perfection. The frame is carefully aligned on a digital alignment table several times during production, ensuring a straight frame. The frame's smooth lines are complimented by a unicrown fork and Moser's unique integrated seatpost. The seatpost is attached by an expander bolt similiar to the stem, thus eliminating the need for a clamp and external bolt, creating a much cleaner overall look.

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