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  • ...'') is a [[Romance languages|Romance language]] spoken by about 63 million people, primarily in [[Italy]] and [[Switzerland]]. In both of those places, Itali ...ther [[Florence|Florentine]]s who preferred the version spoken by ordinary people in their own times, and the [[Courtesan]]s like [[Baldassarre Castiglione]]
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  • ...als|mammals]], like [[rodent]]s, [[deer]] and [[roe deer]], [[boar]]s, and living in the mountains, [[marmot]]s, [[Alpine Ibex|steinbocks]], [[chamois]] amon ...allowed a limited form of [[voluntary euthanasia]] for some terminally ill people.
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  • ...h a Spanish accent, which was easy as "I have a good ear, so I can imitate people", and because her accent was not made heavy. When reflecting on her experie ...country needs it. Because every country knows that raising the standard of living (and populations are getting bigger) is the way we're all going." Michael
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  • ...was covered completely by a steel cowling to appeal to a broader market of people, often turned off by the dirty/greasy stereotype often applied to [[motorcy ===Fictional people who own Vespas===
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  • |Key people || [[Giotto Bizzarrini]], founder In 1989 a group of young friends living in Ascoli Piceno, with a strong passion for motor sport, had the idea to es
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  • ...5.9%, [[Spain]] 4.6%, [[Belgium]] 4.4%, [[United Kingdom|UK]] 4.3%, the [[People's Republic of China]] 4.2% ...[[Republic of Venice]] in [[1797]], a country with "many attractions" but living "a slow, long decline". The administration of the public finances is define
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  • [[Category:Living people]]
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  • ...of the region's economy is considered responsible for the high standard of living enjoyed by the inhabitants. *[[Italian people|Italian]]: 3,930,000 or 93.8%
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  • Trentino-South Tyrol has a population of about 940,000 people (460,000 in Bolzano and 480,000 in Trento provinces). The main ethnic group ...nicipalities in the Bersntol/Mocheni Valley. There are also Ladin-speakers living in the Fassa Valley.
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  • ...ly restricted to the elite [[patrician]]s, but were later opened to common people, or [[plebs]].{{ref|Livy2}} ...urban center of that time, with a population well in excess of one million people, with some high-end estimates of 3.5 million and low-end estimates of 450,0
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  • ...obards''' found in older English texts), were a [[Germanic tribes|Germanic people]] originally from [[Scandinavia]] that entered the late [[Roman Empire]]. ...roup of dukes and counts who commanded bands of warriors of related or kin people.
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  • ...y citizens of [[Italy]]. It may also refer to literature written by people living in Italy who speak other languages. The collective works have a long, influ ...oletto of Turin]], and others. Their poetry of love and war accustomed the people and the courts to new sounds and new harmonies.
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  • ...active suspension had won a Grand Prix. His win was very popular with the people of Monaco, and when he was arrested on the Monday following the race, for r ...fond of saying that racing at Monaco was "like trying to cycle round your living room," but added that "a win here was worth two anywhere else".
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  • ...th Africa]], the [[South Island]] of [[New Zealand]], [[Australia]], the [[People's Republic of China]], the [[Middle East]], [[Russia]], [[Quebec]] and [[Br In 2005, the People's Republic of China was the top producer of aluminium with almost one-fifth
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  • | <br>&nbsp;20,755,621<br>168.6 people/km² ...itions, fell further behind. Sicily's trade fell primarily under [[Catalan people|Catalan]] control and by the 14th C. finances of the kingdom fell primarily
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  • ...acks, mostly by the [[Red Brigades]], [[Prima Linea]] and [[NAP]]; Several people working for the group were killed, and trade unions were suspected of hidin ...gnelli’s homes were work of designers and looked like studies in elegant living. Additionally, he was interested in [[sailing]], [[supercars|fast cars]], [
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  • ...s from inner lands) and its vicinity to high and green mountains (to which people could evacuate if everything else was lost). Some testimonies of pre-histor ...to attacks by [[Moors|Moorish]] [[pirate]]s from the sea. Apparently many people left Cagliari and founded a new town in an area close to the Santa Gilla sw
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  • | Key people || Nicolò Nefri <small>Chairman</small><br>Giovanni Ferrario <sm ...livetti Envision|Envision]], a full [[multimedia PC]], to be used in the [[living room]]; this project was a failure, and it might have been too advanced for
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  • |Company slogan || For successful living. |Key people || [[Renzo Rosso]], owner and [[CEO]] <br>[[Antonio Sperati Ruffoni]],
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  • ...nly designer to really create an entire world… you know exactly what his people look like, what their houses look like, what kind of cars the drive,” a m ...You just knew that wearing those clothes would make you look like you were living on the edge—doing it and having it all!"
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