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Benetton B201

Benetton B201
Category Formula One
Constructor Benetton
Designer Mike Gascoyne
Chassis Carbon-fibre monocoque
Suspension (front) double wishbone, pushrod
Suspension (rear) double wishbone, pushrod
Engine Renault RS21 V10 (111°) naturally aspirated
Transmission Benetton 6-speed longitudinal semi-automatic sequential
Fuel Elf
Tyres Michelin
Notable entrants Mild Seven Benetton Renault
Notable drivers 7. Giancarlo Fisichella
8. Jenson Button
Debut 2001 Australian Grand Prix
Races competed 17
Race victories 0
Constructors' Championships 0
Drivers' Championships 0
Pole positions 0
Fastest laps 0

The Benetton B201 was the car with which the Benetton team competed in the 2001 Formula One season. It was driven by Giancarlo Fisichella, who was in his fourth year with the team, and Jenson Button, who moved from Williams after an impressive début season in 2000.

Jenson Button driving the B201.

For the Benetton team, 2001 marked the end of an era. The team, which had existed since 1986, had been sold to engine suppliers Renault in 2000, and 2002 would mark the complete takeover of the team. However, Renault's return to F1 in 2001 as an engine supplier after a three-year hiatus proved extremely troublesome for most of the year.

The car's main problem was the unusual wide-angled (111°) engine configuration. Although this offered potential aerodynamic advantages as it sat lower in the chassis, the initial form of the engine proved to lack horsepower and reliability. The first half of the season was a disaster as the cars often struggled to qualify in the top twenty, and could only battle Minardi at the tail of the field. However, Fisichella managed to salvage a point at Interlagos.

From mid-season, the car steadily improved, with revised aerodynamics and an effective launch and traction control system that was implemented during the course of the season. A rather fortituitous double-points finish at Hockenheim was followed by an outstanding display from Fisichella to take third place at Spa. Thereafter, the car was a consistent challenger for points, even if Button was outperformed by his team-mate all season.

The team eventually finished seventh in the Contructors' Championship, with 10 points.

Complete Formula One results

(key) (results in bold indicate pole position)

Year Team Engine Tyres Drivers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Points WCC
Giancarlo Fisichella 13 Ret 6 Ret 14 Ret Ret Ret 11 11 13 4 Ret 3 10 8 17
Jenson Button 14 11 10 12 15 Ret 7 Ret 13 16 15 5 Ret Ret Ret 9 7

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