Taupo Motorsport Park

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The Taupo Motorsport Park course
Taupo Motorsport Park
Location 22px-Flag of New Zealand.png Taupo, New Zealand
Events A1 Grand Prix
Length km 3.5
Length mi 2.17
Turns 11
Record time N/A
Record driver N/A
Record team N/A
Record year N/A

Taupo Motorsport Park is a motorsports circuit located in Taupo, New Zealand and is owned and operated by MIT Development Ltd. The circuit was completed in 2006 and will feature a three-storey pit lane complex (scheduled for early 2007) featuring 32 ground floor pit garages, 13 first floor corporate suites and a second floor race control/corporate/catering complex. The track also features an NHRA standard drag strip with full capacity viewing.

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