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  • ...y [[Enzo Ferrari]] in 1929. At first, '''[[Scuderia Ferrari]]''' sponsored drivers and manufactured racecars; the company went into independent car production ...s headquartered in Modena. Ferrari prepared and successfully raced various drivers in [[Alfa Romeo]] cars until 1938, when he was officially hired by Alfa as
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  • [[Image:asa1000gt.jpg|thumb|300px|right|<center&gt;'''ASA 1000 GT'''</center&gt;]] ...etched by [[Formula 1]] racing, [[Formula 2]], [[GT]] [[sports car]] world championship pursuit and regular road car production, resources available in [[Maranello
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  • *Auto 1 Europa 1998 -(Panel of engineers, drivers and journalists from the 11 European magazines headed by Auto Bild) ! colspan=2 |'''Alfa 156 Valencia 2007 FIA WTCC'''
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  • ...] as a roadcar (for [[homologation]]) from which they developed a [[FIA GT Championship]] racing variant. Despite Maserati calling it a [[grand tourer]], the MC12 ...d into the [[FIA GT]] with great success. Maserati began racing in the FIA GT toward the end of the 2004 season winning their only race. The racing MC12'
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  • ...ntscoring systems]] for more information). Numbers without parentheses are Championship points; numbers in parentheses are total points scored. ...[[racing driver]] from [[England]] who won both the [[Formula One]] World Championship ([[1992 Formula One Season|1992]]) and [[Champ Car|CART World Series]] ([[1
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  • ...SWB]]. Chief engineer [[Giotto Bizzarrini]] took the chassis from the 250 GT SWB and mated it with the 3.0 [[litre|L]] [[V12]] engine from the [[Ferrari ...ccessfully argued that the model was technically a modification of the 250 GT SWB, some say that Ferrari's clout was such that it was better for the spor
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  • ...ération Internationale de l'Automobile''', commonly referred to as the '''FIA''', is a non-profit association established in 1904 to represent the intere For the general public the FIA is mostly known as the governing body for certain major motor racing events
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  • ...intended to compete against the 959 in FIA [[Group B]]. However, when the FIA brought an end to the Group B category for the 1986 season, Enzo was left w ...car would soon have another successful season there under a host of guest drivers such as [[Jean-Pierre Jabouille]], [[Jacques Laffite]] and [[Hurley Haywood
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  • |Similar:||[[Ferrari Enzo Ferrari]]<br&gt;[[Pagani Zonda]]<br&gt;[[Porsche Carrera GT]]<br&gt;[[Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren]] The '''Lamborghini Murciélago''' is a [[Gran Turismo|GT]] and [[supercar]] [[automobile]] made by [[lamborghini|Automobili Lamborgh
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  • ...cuit, sponsored, legal form of [[street racing]] performed by professional drivers. ...rs as 'touring cars' or '[[sports car racing|sports cars]]' (also known as GT cars). In truth, there is often very little technical difference between th
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  • ! colspan=2 |'''World Rally Championship''' | Current season || 2009 World Rally Championship season
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  • | Union || [[Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile|FIA]] ...America, the cars used in the [[American Championship Car Racing|National Championship]] (currently [[Champcars]] and the [[Indy Racing League]]) have traditional
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  • ...]], [[1986]]. He won 1 race, achieved 9 podiums, and scored a total of 65 championship points. After joining [[Benetton Formula|Benetton]] for 1988 he immediatel Nannini competed for [[Mercedes-Benz|Mercedes]] in the 1997 [[FIA GT Championship]] finishing 6th overall before hanging up his helmet. He now runs a chain o
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  • ...st around £1700. American companies in the shifter kart market include: [[GT Race Karts]], [[Trackmagic]] and [[Margay]]. ([[List of karting manufacture ...ses still use direct drive engines, the reasoning being that at this level drivers should be good enough to stay on the track during the race and hence not ne
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  • ...e behest of the [[Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile]] (FIA). The championship is mostly concentrated in Europe, but throughout the years has visited othe FIA currently defines two categories of [[grand tourer|GT cars]]: GT1, or '''Grand Touring Cars''', and GT2, or '''Series Grand Touri
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  • ...to [[Alain Prost]] in the [[1985 Formula One season|1985 Formula One World Championship]], as well as winning the [[1997 24 Hours of Le Mans]] and [[2001 12 Hours ...] and a [[FIA European Formula Three Championship|European Formula Three]] Championship crown in 1980 paved the way for the Italian's entrance into Formula One wit
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  • ...ula One]], [[American Championship Car Racing|IndyCar]], [[World Sportscar Championship]] and [[NASCAR]] (the other being [[Dan Gurney]]). He also won races in [[m ...anapolis 500|1969]]), [[Daytona 500]] (1967) and the [[Formula One]] World Championship, and, along with [[Juan Pablo Montoya]], the only driver to have won a race
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  • In 1997, in his second year with McLaren, he finished the drivers championship tied with [[Jean Alesi]] for third place (after the disqualification of [[M ...hard won twice. In 2000, he was involved in a tight battle for the drivers championship with Schumacher and Häkkinen, but eventually fell out of contention into a
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  • ...ver 25 km, it allows the participation of more than 200 cars, and over 700 drivers. ...Zakspeed]] [[Chrysler Viper GTS-R]] which originally was built by Oreca to FIA GT2-spec, turbo-charged Porsche, modified [[Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters]]
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  • ...sh]] former [[Formula One]] driver. His best ranking was 10th in the world championship in 1999. In 1989, Salo competed in the British [[Formula Three|Formula 3]] championship racing for [[Alan Docking Racing]]. He raced with the [[Reynard Motorsport|
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