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Giovanni Battista Ceirano'

Giovanni Battista Ceirano (1860 in Cuneo; † 1912 in Bordighera) was a Italian pioneer in the automobile manufacturing sector and founder of various domestic automobile companies.


Giovanni Battista was the eldest son of the family and had Ceirano further three brothers named Giovanni, Matteo and Ernesto. He started 1886 with a starting capital of 6,000 lira with Attilio Calligaris, Pietro Fenoglio Emanuele di Bricherasio and Cesare Goria Gatti a bicycle shop and later produced there under the first bikes - from promotional reasons English sounding - brand name "Welleyes". Even the young technology enthusiasts "Censin" Lancia often visited the small shop and have a look at the gathering knowledge and skills as a mechanic. In October 1898 the bicycle evolved from the company Ceirano & C. in Turin in spring 1899 under the brand name "Welleyes" one of Aristide Faccioli constructed with small two-cylinder engine and an engine capacity of 663 cm³ and a two-speed gearbox is the only car presented. Also "Censin" Lancia worked in the company. Four months after the presentation of the "Welleyes" assumed the newly created "Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino" (Fiat) for 30,000 lire the small businesses, employees and all patents and construction plans of the small "Welleyes" and presented it in a more advanced version now with a boxer engine with an unchanged performance of 3.5 PS as their first car with the name "Fiat 3.5 HP." Giovanni Battistawas first submitted to Fiat General Agent for the sale, founded 1901, but again with his brother,the CompanyMatteo Fratelli Ceirano & C., which until 1903 the "Ceirano 5HP" and the "Ceirano 6/8HP" with single motors and a vierzylindrigen "Ceirano 16HP with 4,562 cc developed. Matteo'1903 left the company and founded the first Matteo Ceirano & C.. With the partnership of his brother Giovanni'from 1904, the company was from the later Società Torinese Automobili Rapid (STAR) showed in "Fratelli Ceirano GG & C." renamed. Giovanni'left the company and later founded their own Ceirano Junior & C. "and later also with his "Ernesto" calledson Giovanni junior the Ceirano Società Automobili Torino (SCAT).

Giovanni Battista After 1905 turned more to his private life and went to Bordighera, where he died in 1912.