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Aristide Faccioli

Aristide Faccioli
Birth Place Bologna
Birth Year 1848
Place of Birth Turin
Year of Death 1919
Activities Engineer
Nationality 3dflagsdotcom italy2bs.gif Italian
Expertise projects, pioneer in Automobile and Aeronautics

Aristide Faccioli was a Welleyes designer, which car was built by Ceirano GB & C, it was in 1899 among the founding members of the Fiat, becoming its first technical director.

Modifying the previous project created the first model for the Turin based company, the Fiat 3 ½ HP.

He was also the designer of the first entirely Italian aircraft which was a triple made by SPA (Società Piemontese Automobili) a Piemontese automobile company. He Broke away from the ground 13 January 1909 to Venaria Reale, Turin, and piloted by his son Mario Faccioli, the inexperience of the pilot was destroyed during a landing attempt.