Aprilia RS250

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Aprilia RS250
Aka GP1
Manufacturer Aprilia
Production 1995-2002 (road)
Successor Aprilia RS125
Parent company Piaggio
Class Sport bike
Engine Liquid cooled,249 cc,2-stroke,90-degree V-Twin
Starter primary kick start
Transmission 6-speed sequential, chain drive
Front suspension travel 120 mm (4.7 in)
Wheelbase 1,370 mm (53.9 in)
Overall length 1,980 mm (78.0 in)
Overall width 690 mm (27.2 in)
Seat height 810 mm (31.9 in)
Dry weight 141.0 kg (310.9 lb)
Wet weight 167.0 kg
Fuel capacity 16.50 L (4.36 US gal) / 19.5 L on post98' bikes
Maximum power output 72 bhp
Reserve fuel capacity 3.00 L (0.79 US gal)

Aprilia RS250 is 2-stroke 249 cc sport bike made by Italian bike manufacturer,Aprilia. Aprilia RS250 is described as the ultimate track tool due to it high power to weight ratio & hard edge race oriented racing technology derived from a year of Aprilia racing exprience.

The bike also received much praise and positive comments from many motorcycle journalists at the time of its release. It also won many awards and is used in competition due to its racing ability and advanced technology that make this bike easy to handle.

Aprilia RS250

Aprilia RS250 is, arguably, the most advanced 2-stroke 250 cc sportbike in history, combined with the best technology from GP & road racing, Aprilia represent its racing heritage in RS250. It could also be described as an Aprilia GP 250 "road replica", due to the similarity between both bikes.

1997 Aprilia RS250(left)& 2001 RS250GP1(right).


Aprilia had plenty of success in 250 cc GP racing so the RS250 was no surprise when it was released in 1994. The Aprilia RS250 is powered by a modified Suzuki RGV250 engine using Aprilia's own exhaust and intake systems. The fuel feeding system is comprised of two 34 mm flat slide Mikuni carburettor that control the air/fuel mixture. This represents a big difference compared to their GP 250 race bike, which used the Rotax Austria 250 cc motor. The Aprilia RS250 uses a Suzuki RGV250 VJ22(90° 2-Stroke V-Twin)engine with a slightly modified engine management.

The chassis is made using polished alloy with a parametric pressed twin spar frame. The engine is used as stressed member. The chassis design and appearance is unique to Aprilia and provides a very stable and responsive feeling for the rider to lean over during highspeed cornering.

The swingarm is made out of polished aluminium and shaped like a banana, which has become synonymous with two-stroke sportbikes. The swingarm's movement is controlled by a fully adjustable Sachs shock with the usual remote reservoir.

The forks are 41 mm Showa upside-down units (on the latest model) that are as fully adjustable as the rear shock.

The brakes on the RS 250 are dual, four-piston Brembos up front clamping down on 298 mm rotors with a single, twin-piston caliper, out back grabbing hold of a 220 mm rotor.

The front & rear rims are lightweight, 5 spokes, cast aluminum rims are 3.50x17 up front (3.0x17 on the older models) and 4.50x17 out back that require tires of 120/60x17 and 150/60x17, respectively.

Instrument panel

The RS gauges feature a digital instrument panel that gives the rider a variety of information. It will display maximum and average speed readings in kilometers or miles per hour, an adjustable rev limiter warning zone indicator,water temperature in choice of scale, battery charge indicator a clock,and a chronometer that can remember up to 40 lap times.

Aprilia RS250 instrument panel.


In 1998, Aprilia released an all new look for the RS250.It's also referred to as RS250GP1 to celebrate Aprilia's victory in the 250 cc GP racing class.

Its appearance is very much akin to Marco Melandri's RSWGP250 bike, with the same engine and frame as the pre 98 model. There appears to be a ram-air intake however this is a cosmetic exercise, rather than a functional addition.

What's new Aprilia RS250GP1:

-Revised overall bike styling with more modern senses.

-New "showa" front forks and adjustable rear ride height

-New style instrument panel with new functionality.

-New rims and tires: the front rim is now a 3.5x17, instead of 3.0x17 as used on pre-98' model. The front tire is a 120/60x17 instead of the 110/60x17 mounted on the pre-98'

Aprilia RS 250 GP1 on the road.
Aprilia RS 250

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