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Ted Horn (February 27, 1910October 10, 1948), born Eylard Theodore Von Horn, was an American race car driver.

Ted Horn was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and began auto racing at the fairly early age of fifteen, but abandoned the sport at the urging of his parents after a serious accident at the age of eighteen. The resolution held for three years, after which he began racing again. More serious accidents did not break his resolve, and he attempted to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 in 1934. Qualifying 35th and second alternate. Using his significant inheritance, he attempted to buy out two of the cars qualified ahead of him and withdraw them placing himself in the race. When AAA officials heard of his plans they put a stop to them and told him to try again next year. He did make the field the next year and finished 16th and continued to race with moderate success through the 1930s, with second, third and fourth places at the Indianapolis 500 and placing well in the championship standings, but never winning a major race or championship.

He volunteered for World War II service but was rejected on the basis of his racing injuries. After the cessation of hostilities, racing began again on a limited basis in 1945, and Ted Horn won all seven races he entered that year. Further success came his way in the three subsequent years, giving him the National Championship in 1946, 1947 and 1948; this was the first three-time win. He never won the Indy 500, but he achieved a record 10 top-four placings.

In a race at DuQuoin, Illinois on October 10, 1948, Ted Horn was involved in a serious accident during the second lap. He was taken to the hospital alive but died a short time later. He was 38.

Indy 500 results

Year Chassis Engine Start Finish
1934 Duesenberg Duesenberg Failed to Qualify
1935 Miller Ford 26th 16th
1936 Wetteroth Miller 11th 2nd
1937 Wetteroth Miller 32nd 3rd
1938 Wetteroth Miller 6th 4th
1939 Miller Miller 4th 4th
1940 Miller Miller 4th 4th
1941 Adams Sparks 28th 3rd
1946 Maserati Maserati 7th 3rd
1947 Maserati Maserati 1st 3rd
1948 Maserati Maserati 5th 4th