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  • |Drivers || 20. [[Christijan Albers]]<br>21. [[Robert Doornbos]] |Test drivers || [[Chanoch Nissany]]
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  • ...has become an iconic figure in the history of the sport, renowned for his car control, aggressive driving style, and a 'never give up' attitude. His son, ...ing or driving, he was a risk-taker of classic proportions. Yet his fellow drivers said that on the track he was scrupulously fair and did not put anyone's sa
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  • ...pion when he moved over to CART, being the first person to win the [[Champ Car|CART]] title in his debut season, making him the only person in history to ..., American sports television network [[ESPN]] ranked him 24th on their top drivers of all-time.
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  • ...Manuel Fangio]] and [[Michael Schumacher]] have won more Formula One World Drivers' Championship titles. From 1987 until 2001 Prost held the record for most [ ...a collision at the [[1989 Japanese Grand Prix]] that gave Prost his third Drivers' Championship. A year later at the same venue they collided again, but this
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  • | Drivers || {{flagiconUSA}} [[Phil Hill]]<br/>{{flagiconItaly}} [[Giancarl | Cons champ || 0
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  • ...he successor to the earlier dominant aerodynamic theory of streamlining. [[Champ Cars]] employed ground effect to some extent, but [[Formula One]] and most ...car so that incoming air is accelerated through a narrow slot between the car and the ground, lowering pressure by [[Bernoulli's principle]].
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  • ...to the "[[IndyCar]]" class of [[formula racing|formula]], or [[open wheel car|open-wheel]], race cars that have competed in it. It has been broadcast liv ...ich they did from 1913 to 1919. However, after [[World War I]], the native drivers and manufacturers regained their dominance of the race, with the engineer [
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  • ...the current Champ Car World Series and the Indy Racing League see [[Champ Car]] and [[Indy Racing League|IRL]].'' ...e has been a United States national [[automobile]] racing championship for drivers of single seater (commonly referred to as [[open wheel]]) cars.
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  • ...Ironically, the series is now dominated by many of the same wealthy multi-car teams that once dominated CART. ...of mostly unknown drivers, even in the Indy 500. Eventually the caliber of drivers improved and IRL began to draw teams from CART, contributing to the latter'
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  • ...ted the Formula 3000 championship to become the final preparatory step for drivers hoping to enter the [[Formula One]] championship. [[Formula Two]] had beco ...ted with a straight-six short-stroke BMW. This was converted into a sports car, however.
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  • ! colspan=2 |'''Champ Car''' | category || [[Open wheel car|Open wheel racing]]
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  • ...that competitors represent their [[nation]] as opposed to a [[Formula One#Drivers and constructors|constructor]], which is traditional in most [[formula raci ...r the operation of international teams. Paul Cherry, formally of the Champ Car Racing Team, Sigma Autosport, was later brought in as the General Franchise
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  • ...Championship|BTCC]]; [[Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters|DTM]]; [[World Touring Car Championship|WTCC]] ...Clark|Clark Curve]], whose off-camber, uphill approach tends to carry the car towards the outside. After the Clark Curve comes the pit straight, and anot
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  • ...g the [[1997 24 Hours of Le Mans]] and [[2001 12 Hours of Sebring]] sports car races. Alboreto competed in [[Formula One]] from {{f1|1981}} until {{f1|199 ...he and a number of his friends had built in the Formula Monza series. The car, however, achieved very little success and two years later Alboreto moved u
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  • ...urney]]). He also won races in [[midget car racing|midget cars]], [[sprint car racing|sprint cars]], and [[drag racing]]. ...|CART]]), the [[1978 Formula One season|1978]] [[List of Formula One World Drivers' Champions|Formula One World Championship]], and [[IROC VI]]. To date, he r
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  • [[File:Coulthard pacific f3000.JPG|thumb|left|Coulthard's [[Formula 3000]] car that he drove for [[Pacific Racing]] in the [[1993 International Formula 30 ...ig name in the second Williams, and Mansell, at that time reigning [[Champ Car|Indycar]] champion, fitted the bill. Coulthard showed flashes of speed, but
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  • |Car number || 4 ...born [[September 20]], [[1975]], in [[Bogotá]], [[Colombia]]) is a [[race car driver]] in [[NASCAR]] and a former [[Formula One]] and [[CART]] driver. He
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  • His first full year of Champ Car competition came in [[1993]] and he won five times with his first win comin ...His other victories came at [[Toronto]], [[Vancouver]], [[Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course|Mid-Ohio]] and [[Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez|Mexico City]]. He led
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  • | Events || [[Formula One]]; [[Champ Car|CART]]; [[Trans-Am Series|Trans-Am]] ...t Grand Prix|The 1984 race]] tied an F1 road course record by featuring 20 drivers that failed to finish, eventually setting the record when one finisher was
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  • ...strategically chosen positions along the course in order to communicate to drivers who cannot see the flagstand. This is especially common at [[road courses] Status flags are used to inform all drivers of the general status of a race.
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