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Johor Circuit

Assen Circuit 2006.jpg
TT Circuit Assen
Location 22px-Flag of the Netherlands.png Assen, the Netherlands
Events Superbikes, MotoGP, Champ Car
Length km 4.555
Length mi 2.830
Turns 10 right, 5 lef
Record time 1'58"758
Record drive Valentino Rossi
Record team Camel Yamaha Team
Record year 2004

The TT Circuit Assen is a motorsport race track built in 1955 and located in Assen, Netherlands. Host of the Dutch TT race, it is considered "The Cathedral" of motorcycling by the fans. It has a capacity of 100,000 spectators, including 60,000 seats.


The first Assen track was firstly used for the 1925 Dutch TT race, held on country side roads through the villages of Borger, Schoonloo and Grolloo, and organized by the Motorclub Assen en Omstreken. The brick-paved track had a length of 28.4 km. The winner was Piet van Wijngaarden on a 500 cc Norton with an average speed of 91.4 km/h.

The years afterwards the Dutch TT was held on a road circuit through de Haar, Barteldbocht (near Assen), Oude Tol, Hooghalen, Laaghalen and Laaghalerveen.

In 1951 the Italian Umberto Masetti drove the fastest round on his 500 cc Gilera with an average speed of 161.4 km/h. In 1954 the Britain Geoff Duke reached 169.7 km/h. Until 1955 this old circuit has been used., after which the new circuit came. This circuit is nearly on the same spot as the current circuit.

Current racetrack

The current Assen race track was built in 1955, and initially had a length of 7,705 meters. The current track has a length of 4,555 meters. The longest straight is 970 meters. The curves in Assen were traditionally banked and the surface is extremely grippy, so the riders were able to drive much faster on the course than other circuits. Today these sloped or curved bends have been modified due to safety issues.


On July 6 2004 the organization announced plans for an amusements park on the northwards of the track. In 2006 the northern loop was removed and the length was shortened to 4,555 m. The new centre is scheduled to be visited by 300,000 people. The total investment is circa € 85 million.


  • It is the only venue still held at the same location since beginning of the series in 1949.
  • Dutch TT is always held on last Saturday of June.
  • It is the only roadracing circuit in the series specifically designed for motorcycle racing. However, Champ Car will make its Dutch debut in 2007 at Assen.
  • The track layout makes it a very technical, twisty circuit with little room for error, although track alterations carried out over the years paradoxically make it a 'safe' circuit. Further alterations are planned in 2007 for Champ Car.
  • The curves are banked and the surface is extremely grippy, even in wet conditions.
  • The track is the only one that also plays host to the World Superbike championship and a World Endurance Race.

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