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More than ten years after the presentation of the first Rivolta GT, Piero Rivolta presented the Varedo, a beast of a sportscar. The Varedo, named after the new factory location, wasn't designed to follow the Rivolta GT, the Grifo, or the Lele, which were luxury sportscars. The Varedo would show a more modern, and less luxury alternative, made to compete with cars like the DeTomaso Pantera.

Production never was started, perhaps it was never meant to go into production, just to raise some new interest in the Iso company. About a year after the presentation of the car, the company was sold, and another year later it was closed.

In about 1975, the car was found by Piero Rivolta sitting in the old fabric and in very bad shape. He bought it and completely restored the car to preserve this one of a kind beauty. Source

Technical Data

  • Engine: 5.7l-V8-Ford with 325hp

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