Giro di Lombardia

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Giro di Lombardia
Current event 2009 Giro di Lombardia
Date Mid-October
Region Lombardy, Italy
English Tour of Lombardy
Localnames Giro di Lombardia Template:It icon
Nickname La classica delle foglie morte Template:It icon
Race of the Falling Leaves Template:En icon
Discipline Road race
Competition UCI ProTour
Type Monument classic one-day race
Organiser RCS
First 1905
Number 102 (as of 2008)
Firstwinner 3dflagsdotcom italy2bs.gif Giovanni Gerbi
Mostwins 3dflagsdotcom italy2bs.gif Fausto Coppi (5 wins)
Mostrecent 3dflagsdotcom italy2bs.gif Damiano Cunego

The Tour of Lombardy (Italian: Giro di Lombardia) is an Italian cycling race. It is traditionally the last great Classic of the European professional cycling calendar and since 2005 part of the UCI ProTour. Given that it is held in the autumn season one of its famous nicknames is "the race of the falling leaves".


The first edition was in 1905. It was then called Milan-Milan. In 1907 the race was renamed to its current name. During the decades the route has changed many times. Milan, Sesto San Giovanni, Bergamo, Varese, Monza, Cuneo have been start or finish place. In 2004 the race started in Mendrisio in Switzerland, and ended in Como. The most famous obstacle in the Tour of Lombardy is the Madonna del Ghisallo. At the Madonna del Ghisallo there is a shrine with a small museum containing religious and cycling objects and photos.

The most successful rider of the Tour of Lombardy was Fausto Coppi, who won the race 5 times. The most recent edition (2005) was won by Paolo Bettini.