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Formula A

Sauro Cesetti, a leading international Formula A driver who holds a works drive for the Italian Birel S.p.A kart chassis manafacturer

Formula A (FA) is the top level of Go-kart racing or karting. This class uses 100cc two-stroke engines, which must be approved by the FIA. Chassis must be made by a manufacturer approved for Intercontinental A (ICA) or Intercontinental C but they can be prototypes.

As the Formula One of karting, Formula A has very high costs, and drivers typically spend $100,000 per year to compete. From 2007 it will be using the cheaper 125cc Touch-and-Go engines to increase participation.

Drivers typically compete in national competitions, then move into international racing in the ICA or JICA (Junior ICA) classes where they have to finish in the top 34 to qualify to compete in FA. Once in FA, drivers either stay for a few years to improve their skills before moving on to car racing, or they become professional kart racers and race in FA until they retire. Many—if not most—successful open-wheel racing drivers started their careers in karts.

Past champions

European Champions since 2000

  • 2000 - Lewis Hamilton (GB), CRG / Parilla / Bridgestone
  • 2001 - Carlo Van Dam (NL), Gillard / Parilla / Bridgestone
  • 2002 - David Hemkemeyer (DE), Mach 1 / KZH / Bridgestone
  • 2003 - Bas Lammers (NL), Swiss Hutless / Vortex / Bridgestone
  • 2004 - Nick De Bruijn (NL), Gillard / Parilla / Bridgestone
  • 2005 - Marco Ardigo (I), Tony Kart / Vortex / Bridgestone
  • 2006 - Marco Ardigo (I), Tony Kart / Vortex / Bridgestone

World Champions since 2003

  • 2003 - Wade Cunningham (NZ), CRG / Maxter / Bridgestone
  • 2004 - Davide Fore (I), Tony Kart / Vortex / Bridgestone
  • 2005 - Oliver Oakes (GB), Gillard / Parilla / Bridgestone
  • 2006 - Davide Fore (I), Tony Kart / Vortex / Bridgestone
  • 2007 - Marco Ardigo (I), Tony Kart / Vortex / Bridgestone

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