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Four typical folkrace-cars. Volvo 244 in foreground.
A VW Beetle used as a folkrace car.

Folkrace is a quite popular Swedish inexpensive entry level type of rallycross that originally came from Finland where it was called jokamiesluokka. In Norway there is a similar motor sport called bilcross.

The races are run on special gravel or tarmac tracks, 800 meters in length. The tracks are designed to limit the top speed to 80 km/h. The competitions are divided into different classes depending on age and gender. You can race from the year you turn 15.

The race is divided into different heats with usually six cars. The driver to win a race is awarded 7 points, number two 5 points, number three 4 and so on. When all the heats have been driven the total score is calculated and the top six drivers get to race in the A final, the next six in the B vinal and so on. The winner of the A final is the total winner.

To maintain its inexpensive nature, there is a rule on price. The races are run in old standard cars, but almost anything goes, as long as they meet certain minimum safety regulations. The car should not cost more than 4500 SEK (about USD 1,000) to rule out any unfair advantage, even if it benefits those who are mechanically skilled and thus can fix their own car. The price rule is enforced using a bidding system. After a race anyone can exercise their right to place a bid on any of the other cars entered in the race. The owner of the car has no choice but to sell or else lose his license, but you can of course bid on your own car. Not included in the sale is personal equipment such as seat and safety harness. This type of system eliminates the motivation for sinking extensive amounts of work and money into a folkrace car.

Because old road cars are used up in folkrace, retro car enthusiasts talk about "the folkrace death" that means that many cars that are too old to be considered usable everyday cars and too new to have reached the status as a "classic" gets used up in folkraces.

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