Ferdinando Innocenti

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Ferdinando Innocenti

Ferdinando Innocenti (September 1, 1891-1966), born in Pescia, Italy, was the founder of the Innocenti company and was the creator of the Lambretta motorscooter.

Born in the capital of Valdinievole, little will moved to Grosseto with his family and made the technical studies, he went to work at the activities of the blacksmith father, who had started the small factory La Ferriera. Later, he opened an activity together with his brother and he moved to Rome in search of new prospects for the market.

From Rome went to Milan and it was there that he opened the Innocenti company, which specializes in the manufacture of elements in iron scaffolding, pipes famous Innocenti. During World War II, changed the production by civil war and moved the scope mechanic.

The experiences gained by the Innocenti in mechanics led the owner to address the media traposto and in 1947 there was the creation of the first Lambretta Motor scooters, which pose competition in the Vespa Piaggio, which entered production in the previous year. In addition to motorcycle production, the Innocenti specialized in the automobile industry, producing vehicles on the granting of other European brands.

With deliberation of the municipal council on 26 December 1953, No. 179, he was granted honorary citizenship of Pescia, his hometown, about the high merits acquired in industry. The conferment ceremony was held at the Palazzo dei Vicari on 8 September 1954, the tenth anniversary of the liberation of the city flower of the Nazi, in the presence of the Innocents, Mayor Rolando Anzilotti and the Bishop of Pescia Monsignor Luigi Dino Romoli.

On the death of Ferdinand, industry Innocenti passed to his son Luigi.

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