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Classic Racing

Classic Racing action


The term "Classic Racing" in the United Kingdom is generally accepted as racing as defined under the rules and or auspices of the Classic Racing Motorcycle Club (CRMC)[1]. This was established in 1981 and mostly caters for solos and sidecars manufactured in the period 1945-1972.

Motorcycles from an earlier era, including a Pre-1935 class, are raced by the Vintage Motor Cycle Club (VMCC)[2]. The VMCC race classes are mostly for Pre-1963 bikes.

Manx Grand Prix

The Manx Grand Prix, held on the Isle of Man, is considered by Classic racers worldwide as the ultimate classic racing event. This involves three or more laps around the famous 373/4 mile long 'Mountain' circuit. The Manx GP is traditionally held at the end of August.

Classic Racing worldwide

In the USA Classic Racing is organised by the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA)[3] who organise Classic Racing events for all types of Classic bikes.

Classic Racing Australia [4] is a non-profit organisation, formed in August 2000, which was designed to keep Classic Motorcycle Racing alive and well in Australia.

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