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  • Races = 729 | Ferrari first competed in F1 in [[1950]] (the team's first F1 car was the Tipo 125 F1), making it the oldest and most successful team left in
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  • ...11 [[Targa Florio]] with two 24 HP models. In 1914, an advanced Grand Prix car was designed and built, the [[Alfa Romeo Grand Prix|GP1914]] which featured ...Romeo with the [[Alfa Romeo 20/30 HP|Torpedo 20-30 HP]] becoming the first car to be badged as such.Their first success came in 1920 when [[Giuseppe Campa
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  • ...ermo, Sicily|Palermo]]. Founded in 1906, it used to be the oldest [[sports car racing]] event, part of the World Championship until 1973. While also a who After 1973, it was a national sports car event until it was discontinued in 1977 due to safety concerns. It is since
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  • .... Lamborghini is the main counterpart to [[Ferrari]] in the Italian sports car business. The Italian company was founded in 1963 by businessman [[Ferrucci ...lted by Ferrari's reaction, Lamborghini took it upon himself to repair his car's clutch; in the process, he discovered that the design shared components w
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  • ...or 12 HP (later called Alfa) was made in 1907 and produced from 1908. This car had a small four cylinder engine with a power of 58 bhp. ...[[live axle]]s were common practice for both the front and rear axles of a car. They also developed rear transaxles which were fitted to the Aurelia and
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  • ...emblem is a [[trident]]. Today, Maserati is owned directly by the Italian car giant [[Fiat]], after having been a part of [[Ferrari]] (a company in which ...rs, Bindo, Ernesto and Ettore, kept the firm going, building cars that won races.
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  • |Races || 345 ...ously responsible for the [[Fittipaldi Automotive]] team's F5A Formula One car. Giancarlo led the Minardi team to four moderately successful [[Formula Two
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  • ...ed their first 1000 cc bike. 2004 marked the end of production for the 750 sports machines, with a limited production of 300 SR ("Special Racing") model in t ...it the best [[sportbike]] in the world. Tamburini designed the Ducati 916 sports bike (predecessor of the 748 and 996 series) which marked the return of Duc
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  • ..., Abarth & C. S.r.l was quite successful in [[hillclimbing]] and [[sports car racing]], mainly in classes from 850cc up to 2000cc, competing with [[Porsc ...Carlo Abarth that he could drive a factory car for free if he won all the races he entered—which Abt nearly did, winning 29 of 30, the 30th being a secon
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  • ...[[four-cylinder]] model which could develop 36 [[bhp]] at 3600 [[rpm]]. A sports version with 1981cc engine was offered, as was a [[six-cylinder]] version o ...ture of aircraft. The conversion occurred in 1918 and the first production car left the plant the following year.
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  • ...ilable in [[Maranello]] would not allow for Ferrari to produce the smaller car without a huge influx of capital from financing or sale of a portion of the ...on how to market the small car without diminishing their larger production car sales or eroding their market image as the most powerful, fastest productio
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  • ...ini S.p.A. in 1966. The marque has been revived with a number of [[concept car]]s in the 2000s. ...ing, building and developing his own sport cars. He often said: "I'm not a car designer, I am a worker".
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  • ...stico in [[Cremona]] in 1920. During this period, Nuvolari also dabbled in car racing, winning a reliability trial in 1921. ...eo in motorsport|Alfa Romeo]] to have a trial in their Grand Prix car. The car's gearbox seized and Nuvolari crashed, severely [[wound|lacerating]] his ba
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  • ...rrera Panamericana]], the ''MM'' made ''[[Gran Turismo]]'' (Grand Touring) sports cars like [[Alfa Romeo]], [[Ferrari]] (which debuted as a marque in the 194 ==Car numbering==
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  • |Races:||34 ...r really blossomed. During the late 1930s he won numerous minor Grand Prix races, securing himself the [[Italy|Italian]] Drivers' Champion three years in a
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  • ...chassis number, but was a purpose built [[Sports car racing|sports racing car]], with a tubular [[spaceframe]] chassis, light all-aluminum bodywork, disc ...ed the success of this tail treatment in their "coda tronca" Sprint Zagato sports-racing cars, and it was a natural evolution to adapt this to the Giulia TZ.
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  • |Successors || [[Alfa Romeo Arna]], [[Alfa Romeo 33 (road car)|Alfa Romeo 33]] Until 1983, the car's name was '''Alfasud Sprint''' and after that Alfa Romeo Sprint. It was av
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  • ...Matich]]'s outright time set in a 2.6 litre [[Lotus Cars|Lotus]] [[Sports Car]]. ...the second and last running of this endurance race. Endurance touring car races would continue at Oran Park well into the 1980s and apart from the Sandown
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  • The names that have been characterizing the [[Italian]] [[sports cars]] in the past are often quite familiar ones. The world made of amateur ...gine till 2004, when we pass to a Chevrolet 8 cylinders. We ran with a 2WD car, and in 2005 we had the final evolution: Chevrolet 8 cylinders (modified),
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  • |Related:||[[Enzo Ferrari (car)|Enzo Ferrari]] ...rand tourer]], the MC12 qualifies as a supercar, meeting all criteria. The car entered production in [[2004]] with 30 to be produced (5 not for sale) and
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