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  • ...He was the 1932 [[European Championship (auto racing)|European Champion]] in [[Grand Prix motor racing]]. Dr [[Ferdinand Porsche]] called Nuvolari "''Th ...factory team, [[Alfa Corse]]. In 1932 he took two wins and a second place in the three European Championship Grands Prix, winning him the title. He won
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  • ...and [[Mile]]s) was an open-road endurance [[racing|race]] which took place in [[Italy]] twenty-four times from [[1927]] to [[1957]] (thirteen before the ...g) sports cars like [[Alfa Romeo]], [[Ferrari]] (which debuted as a marque in the 1940 event), [[Maserati]] and also [[Porsche]] famous.
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  • ...one of only two Italian Formula One World Champions in the history of the sport. ...is earlier years; it was after he entered the prestigious [[Mille Miglia]] in a Ferrari sports car that he eventually started racing on four wheels regul
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  • [[File:rawAZB_6053.jpg|thumb|right|300px|'''1957 Stanguellini Bialbero Sport 1100....one of two made with the [[Reggiano]] designed body at [http://www. ...or Valley". As in most of [[Italy]], the Modenese are fond of their wines, in particular Lambrusco, and their cuisine. It was here that the famous "torte
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  • ...in Italian ''Valle d'Aosta'') is a mountainous [[Regions of Italy|region]] in north-western [[Italy]], the smallest of Italy's regions. It is bordered by Aosta Valley is the smallest region in Italy.
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  • ...|right|400px|The [[Roman Forum]] was the central area around which ancient Rome developed.]] ...st]] and [[assimilation]], but eventually succumbed to barbarian invasions in the [[5th century]], marking the [[decline of the Roman Empire]] and the be
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  • ...[[berlinetta]], first shown at the 1947 [[Salon International de l'Auto]] in [[Geneva]] (59 made) and the [[convertible|spider]] shown at the 1948 [[Sal A 2-litre [[straight-six]] (120 bhp) was used in the '''A6 GCS''' two-seater racing car, «G» denoting ''Ghisa'', cast iron
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  • ...tion. The group is based in [[Forlì]] and is one of the leading companies in the world of design and construction of luxury motoryachts and sporting boa ...p European companies from different sectors. The group is the only company in the nautical world on the list.
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  • ...atelli Prada'' ("Prada Brothers"), was founded in [[1913]] by Mario Prada. In [[1978]], Mario's granddaughter [[Miuccia Prada]] inherited what was still ...trast to other labels' flamboyant, sexual designs, and fueled a sharp rise in Prada's popularity.
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  • ...port (Fiat Tipo 5 50-60 Hp).jpg|thumb|right|250px|'''1910 Chiribiri Siluro Sport (Fiat Tipo 5 50-60 Hp)''' [http://www.fiatfuoriserie.it link <small>Source< ...a clothing manufacturing headquartered in [[Carinaro]] outside [[Naples]] in the [[Province of Caserta|Province of Caserta (CE)]], [[Italy]]. It is curr
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  • ...ings [[Attilio Giannini]] and [[Domenico Giannini]] with headquarters in [[Rome]]. ...collaboration and the matured competences, become coaches in [[the 1927]] in occasion of the first edition of the [[Miglia Miles]]. They prepared one on
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  • The '''125 S''' (commonly called the '''125''' or '''125 Sport''') was the first vehicle produced and built by the famed [[Ferrari]] compa ...suspension with transverse [[leaf spring]]s in front with a [[live axle]] in the rear. Hydraulic power [[drum brake]]s were specified front and rear.
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  • ''' Lancia Ardea ''' is [[automobile]] produced in [[the houses automobilistiche|Casa]] [[Torino|Torinese]] from [[the 1939]] ...amous planner [[Vittorio Jano]], passed from [[Alpha Romeo]] to [[Lancia]] in the February [[1938]]. To the car it comes given the name “[[Ardea]]”,
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  • ...automobile]] from [[the houses automobilistiche|casa]] [[Torino|torinese]] in two periods, from [[the 1931]] to [[the 1936]] and from [[the 1940]] to [[t ...new” model, represented from large [[Lancia Dilambda|Dilambda]] (exited in [[the 1929]]), and one more dated, also glorious [[Lancia Lambda|Lambda]] t
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  • ...e demise of this model in 1970 left a void only filled by [[Lancia Gamma]] in 1976. ...tibles now. Interestingly, coupés outsold the 4-door variant by far, even in spite of shorter production run and coachbuilt bodies.
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  • ...y is included, with [[Venice]] ([[Italian language|Italian]] ''Venezia''), in the Padua-Venice Metropolitan Area, population 1,600,000. Its agricultural Padua is the setting for most of the action in [[Shakespeare]]'s ''[[The Taming of the Shrew]]''.
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  • | Team(s) || [[Martini Racing]], GTC Competition, [[Audi]] Sport [[Joest Racing|Joest]], Champion Racing '''Emanuele Pirro''' (born [[January 12]] [[1962]] in [[Rome]], [[Italy]]) is an [[Italy|Italian]] former [[Formula One]] driver and fiv
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  • ...ven 96h, like the [[Marathon de la Route]]. This substitute for the Liége-Rome-Liége and Liége-Sofia-Liège rallies was held on the Nürburgring from 19 ...urance racing events at very long tracks, at least until Spa was shortened in the late 1970s.
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  • ...918. The Caproni factories used its big productive capacity and tecnology, in other fields, like marine, industrial engines and a collaboration with [[Is ...the marque name "Capriolo" (the word Capriolo, is the name of a small deer in the [[Italian]] language).
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  • ...from 1933 there was also 6C version with Alfa Romeo own body manufactured in [[Portello]]. ...an effort to boost its image, the company decided to go racing, beginning in 1911 with some success. Shortly thereafter, Europe would find itself at war
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