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  • ...li and her husband [[Carlo Bugatti]] (1856–1940), an important [[Art Nouveau]] furniture and jewelry designer. His younger brother was a renowned animal [[Category:Art Nouveau|Bugatti, Ettore]]
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  • *'''Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (CAMeC)''' *'''[[Art Nouveau]]-style villas'''
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  • ...d famous locations, housing a wide collection of masterpieces of religious art. ...nerva|Piazza Minerva]]. One of the most emblematic examples of the baroque art is the [[Fontanta di Trevi]] by [[Gian Lorenzo Bernini]]. Other notable bar
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  • *[[Barcelona/Eixample|Eixample]] - modernist quarter, noted for its ''art nouveau'' buildings ...ble from the tourist offices) takes you round all the best Modernisme (art nouveau) buildings in Barcelona. The full pack also includes discounted tickets to
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  • ...d also gets you discounts (typically €1 or €2 at the major museums and art galleries) to many attractions and shops. You can buy it at the airport, ho ...sical Modern." Gustav Klimt, master of a particularly Viennese form of Art Nouveau called Jugendstil, or sometimes Viennese Secession, has several world-renow
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