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  • ...r with four other Italian regions. However, Friuli Venezia Giulia obtained administrative autonomy and the special statute only in 1963. The reasons for this "consti == Administrative divisions ==
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  • ...ate religion]]. In addition to the authority of the King, there were three administrative assemblies: the [[Roman Senate|Senate]] acted as an advisory body for the K ...ctator]] could be appointed.{{ref|Tuomisto3}} Throughout the Republic, the administrative system was revised several times to comply with new demands. In the end, it
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  • ==Administrative divisions==
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  • In [[Italy]], the '''''comune''''', (plural '''comuni''') is the basic [[administrative division]] of both provinces and regions, and may be properly approximated ...circumstances or to the depopulation of the latter, the town hall and its administrative functions move to one of the ''frazioni'': but the ''comune'' still retains
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