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  • ...and car users worldwide. The FIA is also the governing body for [[Formula One]] and other international [[auto racing|motorsports]]. ...nationale du Sport Automobile]] (FISA), the then governing body of Formula One. Mosley was elected president of FISA in 1991 and became president of the F
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  • ...circuit, coming second in his class in the Predappio-Rocca delle Camminate race with his [[Bandini 1100|1100 Sport]]. ...siluro]]'''. These cars, when their headlights were removed, qualified to race in the sports category: they could also be adapted to qualify for the racin
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  • European manufacturer in continuous motorcycle production. Guzzi is now one of seven brands owned by [[Piaggio|Piaggio & Co. SpA]], Europe's largest mo ...roke]] single cylinder 500 cc engines outfitted with one overhead and one side valve (also known as: IOE, inlet over exhaust or F-head) were the high
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