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  • ...], powered by a 1.5&nbsp;L V12 engine; Enzo reluctantly built and sold his automobiles to fund the Scuderia. While his beautiful and blazingly fast cars quickly g {{Early Ferrari vehicles| 1948-1960s}}<br>
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  • ...ertible]] models were sometimes called convertible coupes, but since the [[1960s]] the term "coupe" has generally been applied exclusively to fixed-roof mod ...During the [[20th century]] the term was applied to various close-coupled automobiles. Through the [[1950s]] many automakers offered several varieties of coupé,
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  • ...ngio]] secured Alfa's second consecutive championship in 1951. During the 1960s, Alfa concentrated on competition using production-based cars, including th ...t Commercial Vehicles S.p.A. These companies are fully owned by Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A.{{-}}
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  • Vehicles that can be considered [[automobiles]] may have been demonstrated as early as 1769, although that date is disput ...1892 to carry two adults. One of the first four-wheeled [[petrol]]-driven automobiles in Britain was built in [[Birmingham]] in 1895 by [[Frederick William Lanch
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  • '''Lancia Automobiles S.p.A.''' {{IPA|[ˡlantʃa]}} is an [[Italy|Italian]] [[automobile manufact Lancia was not closely associated with any other manufacturer until the late 1960s. By this time, the company's expensive, high standards of production had be
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  • In the 1960s, [[Virgil Exner]] designed a Bugatti as part of his "[[Stutz Motor Company# ==Bugatti Automobiles SAS==
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  • In the 1960s, Abarth & C. S.r.l was quite successful in [[hillclimbing]] and [[sports c In 2007 [[Fiat|Fiat Automobiles SpA]] relaunched the brand with the [[Fiat Grande Punto|Grande Punto Abarth
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  • ...[[Fiat]] and [[Pirelli]] with a proposal to form a new company to produce automobiles. Thus, the Autobianchi company was born, with the agreement signed by the t ...n the mainstream high volume Fiats such as the 127 and the 128 of the late 1960s. Even though the new Autobianchi was priced higher than Fiat models of simi
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  • |Products || [[Automobiles]] ...any built a small number of highly developed and advanced sport and racing automobiles before failing in 1969. Originally named as Prototipi Bizzarrini s.r.l. and
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  • ...nkfurt Motor Show. The GTA was named after the [[Alfa Romeo GTA]] from the 1960s, the letters GTA meaning Gran Turismo Alleggerita ({{lang-en|lightened Gran [[Category:2000s automobiles]]
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  • [[Category:1960s automobiles]] [[Category:1970s automobiles]]
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  • [[Category:1960s automobiles]] [[Category:1970s automobiles]]
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  • The '''Alfa Romeo GTV''' and '''Alfa Romeo Spider''' are two automobiles produced by the [[Italy|Italian]] manufacturer [[Alfa Romeo]] since 1995. ...ith the pair of lights on each side recalling the [[1750 GTV]] of the late 1960s and 1970s. It has a wedge shape which is in keeping with traditional Alfa S
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  • ...rabham]] and Lotus chassis were used extensively by other teams during the 1960s and 1970s and several quite competitive teams never built their own chassis |align="left"| [[Automobiles Gonfaronnaises Sportives|AGS]] <small>Automobiles Gonfaronnaises Sportives)</small>
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  • ...], powered by a 1.5&nbsp;L V12 engine; Enzo reluctantly built and sold his automobiles to fund the Scuderia. While his beautiful and blazingly fast cars quickly g This shakeup, and Forghieri's engineering talent, made the [[1960s]] even more successful for Ferrari than the previous decade. The [[MR layo
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  • ...the "headrest" bump present on most racing Ferraris of the [[1950s]] and [[1960s]], a design at first despised by Enzo but championed by Dino. The company' In the [[1960s]], Scaglietti became the ''[[Carrozzeria]]'' of choice for Ferrari's racing
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  • In [[automobiles]], V12 engines have never been common, because of their complexity and thus [[GMC Truck|GMC]] produced a large [[gasoline]]-burning V12 in the 1960s for trucks, the "Twin-Six"; it was basically GMC's large-capacity truck V6,
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  • Fiat corporation, starting from the late 1960s, has bought (or gained control of) a wide range of companies, including: Fiat automobiles have been made in Poland since 1920. In 1932, the [[Polski Fiat|Polskie zak
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  • ...i model, and one of the greatest sports cars - indeed, one of the greatest automobiles - of all time. ...list of [[Sports Car International Top Sports Cars|Top Sports Cars of the 1960s]], and number one as the top sports car of all time. Similarly, ''[[Motor
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  • ...his way marked a break with the former Fiat convention, established in the 1960s, of naming their mainstream models only with a three digit number, and it s [[Category:1970s automobiles]]
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