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  • ...A.]]''', and is now controlled by the [[Fiat]] group. The company is based in [[Maranello]], near [[Modena]], [[Italy]]. ...artered in Modena. Ferrari prepared and successfully raced various drivers in [[Alfa Romeo]] cars until 1938, when he was officially hired by Alfa as hea
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  • ...r was the Tipo 125 F1), making it the oldest and most successful team left in the championship. The team's current drivers are [[Michael Schumacher]] and ...h moderate success, until the birth of his first son [[Dino Ferrari|Dino]] in [[1932]].
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  • ...World Champions '''[[Grand Prix motorcycle racing]]''', from 1949 to 2005, in order of year and [[engine displacement]]. ...rld Champions''', from [[1949 in sports|1949]] to [[2007 in sports|2007]], in order of year and [[engine displacement]].
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  • ...ff Duke [[Order of the British Empire|OBE]]''' (born [[29 March]] [[1923]] in [[St Helens, Merseyside|St. Helens]], [[Lancashire]]) was a British multi-t ...off Duke is synonymous with powersport, for he dominated motorcycle racing in the 1950s, winning [[List of Grand Prix motorcycle racing World Champions|s
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  • ...r [[Palermo, Sicily|Palermo]]. Founded in 1906, it used to be the oldest [[sports car racing]] event, part of the World Championship until 1973. While also a After 1973, it was a national sports car event until it was discontinued in 1977 due to safety concerns. It is since run as a [[rallying]] event, and i
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  • ...Lancias are seen as presenting a more luxurious alternative to the models in the Fiat range upon which they are based. One of the firm's trademarks is t ...e the "[[Lancia Alfa-12HP|tipo 51]]" or 12 HP (later called Alfa) was made in 1907 and produced from 1908. This car had a small four cylinder engine with
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  • |Foundation || [[1959]] in [[Modena]] ...entinian]]-born [[Alejandro de Tomaso]] (1928–2003) in [[Modena]] in 1959.
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  • ...the model 1969, is a motorcycle equipped with a Triumph T120 was available in two versions: "Daytona" and "California''']] == 1959 - ==
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  • ...Agusta''' is a [[motorcycle]] manufacturer founded in 1945 near [[Milan]] in Cascina Costa, [[Italy]]. ...tation. They produced their first prototype, ironically called "Vespa 98", in 1945. After learning of that that the name had already been registered by [
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  • ...championship pursuit and regular road car production, resources available in [[Maranello]] would not allow for Ferrari to produce the smaller car withou ...ng their market image as the most powerful, fastest production [[GT cars]] in the world. Price was a problem.
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  • ...cia]], [[Lamborghini]], [[Mercedes Benz]] and [[Volvo Cars]] among others. In addition the Bertone studio were responsible for two of the later designs o ...ompany is based in [[Turin]]. It was founded as '''Carrozzeria Bertone''' in [[1912]] by [[Giovanni Bertone]], with designer [[Nuccio Bertone]] taking o
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  • ....A. in 1966. The marque has been revived with a number of [[concept car]]s in the 2000s. ...the son of a rich landowner and came from a good family with strong roots in Tuscany and the city of Livorno. His grandfather, also named Giotto Bizzarr
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  • Following the great success of pre-World War II [[Italian]] sports and racing cars like [[Ferrari]] and [Maserati], other wealthy [[Italian]] ...initially manufacturing oilcloth followed by sporting goods, specializing in tennis rackets, bicycles, and clothing and, during the war, military unifor
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  • ...t low-key opposition but achieved little thereafter. At the [[Italian GP]] in September OSCA entered two works cars for Franco Rol but the car was a long ...success in 1960 with victory in the Italian [[Formula Junior]] series but in 1962 the aging [[Maserati]] brothers sold the company the [[MV Agusta]] mot
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  • ...15 workers (including [[Sergio Coggiola]], who founded his own carrozzeria in 1966) and equipped himself to [[design]] and build [[automobile|car]]s. ...r, the A6G. From 1950 to 1957, Frua built 19 Spyders and seven [[coupé]]s in three different design series – including those on the A6 GCS racing [[ch
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  • ! colspan=2 |'''1959 Alfa Romeo 2000 Touring Spider''' ...''Berlina'' with 105 [[hp]] and the ''Spider'' with 115 [[hp]] since 1958. In 1960, the ''Sprint'' was added. The engine was an enlarged version of the [
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  • ...g [[Iso automobile|Iso]] and [[Alfa Romeo]]. A series of [[concept car]]s in the [[2000s]] posthumously bore his name. ...ing Alfa Romeo's 'Servizio Esperimenze Principali' unit under Ing. Nicolis in August 1954. He was assigned to the development of the [[Alfa Romeo Giulie
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  • ...'''I6''') is an [[internal combustion engine]] with six cylinders aligned in a single row. The name '''slant-6''' is sometimes used when the cylinders ...argest are used in tractor-trailer combinations and some low speed diesels in cargo and passenger ships. These engines have a displacement of 1,000 L or
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  • ...ship. Hill was described as a "thoughtful, gentle man" and once said, "I'm in the wrong business. I don't want to beat anybody, I don't want to be the bi ...tions. He and Gendebien would go on to win the famous endurance race again in [[1961 24 Hours of Le Mans|1961]] and [[1962 24 Hours of Le Mans|1962]].
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  • ...motorcycle racing season|1958]],[[1959 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season|1959]],[[1960 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season|1960]] |Video || John Surtees driving a [[Ferrari]] in the 1964 Grand Prix
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