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  • ...he five victories that season that would make him France’s first Formula One world champion. © Schlegelmilch]] |Date of birth ||24 February 1955
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  • ...Guzzi]] (1889–1964), Giovanni Ravelli ( -1918), Giorgi Parodi (1897-1955) ...st European manufacturer in continuous motorcycle production. Guzzi is now one of seven brands owned by [[Piaggio|Piaggio & Co. SpA]], Europe's largest mo
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  • ...ing]] for many decades, primarily for use in the [[Indianapolis 500]] auto race. Such racing has been sanctioned by the [[American Automobile Association] ...racing in the general outrage over motor racing safety that followed the [[1955 Le Mans disaster]]. USAC controlled the championship until 1978. Starting i
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  • ...t [[Circuit de Monaco|Monaco]]. This is the second round of [[1950 Formula One season]]. ...car caught fire but thankfully managed to escape only with some burns. The race went on with many cars going off at Tabac Corner, nearly causing other acci
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  • ...circuit, coming second in his class in the Predappio-Rocca delle Camminate race with his [[Bandini 1100|1100 Sport]]. ...siluro]]'''. These cars, when their headlights were removed, qualified to race in the sports category: they could also be adapted to qualify for the racin
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