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  • ...], powered by a 1.5 L V12 engine; Enzo reluctantly built and sold his automobiles to fund the Scuderia. While his beautiful and blazingly fast cars quickly g ...of [[Württemberg]], just like the city is placed within the state. In the 1920s, Ferdinand Porsche had constructed supercharged cars for [[Mercedes-Benz]]
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  • ...t Commercial Vehicles S.p.A. These companies are fully owned by Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A.{{-}} ...nal coachbuilt custom, Alfa Romeo found itself producing not just sporting automobiles but also railway locomotives, buses, tractors and commercial vans.
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  • '''Isotta Fraschini''' was know as "The Aristocrat of Automobiles." This was the Italian supreme luxury marque from Milan which only the most ...e 1940s, Norma is a forgotten former silent film star from the 19teens and 1920s, and the car represents both the height her glamour and how its time has pa
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  • ...s. After the war, Fiat introduced its first tractor, the 702. By the early 1920s, Fiat had a market share in Italy of 80%. Fiat automobiles have been made in Poland since 1920. In 1932, the [[Polski Fiat|Polskie zak
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  • ...rcycle engines, Giovanni Moretti also dabbled in [[microcars]] in the late 1920s and early 1930s. During [[World War II]], Moretti found success constructin ...ched to using [[Fiat]] mechanicals and chassis for all of its conventional automobiles. Despite offering a full range of model versions based on the '750' (saloon
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  • [[Category:1900s automobiles]] [[Category:1920s]]
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  • ...was formed. Both agencies now create and enforce emission regulations for automobiles, as well as for many other sources. Fuel injection has been used commercially in [[diesel engine]]s since the mid 1920s. The concept was adapted for use in petrol-powered aircraft during [[World
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  • ...akes in framing the passenger compartments of their passenger vehicles. In automobiles, the framing was sheathed in steel which was then covered in colored lacque ..., evolved from trucks and were viewed as Commercial Vehicles, not consumer automobiles. The framing of the early station wagons were left unsheathed because of th
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  • ...]], [[1905]] - died [[August 16]], [[1993]]) was a French driver who raced automobiles for 14 years in the [[1920]]s and [[1930]]s, the Golden Era of [[Grand Prix ...s born and raised in [[Nice]], [[France]] and showed an early interest in automobiles, learning to drive before the age of nine. The middle of three children, hi
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  • ...the end of the war the company came under French jurisdiction. By the late 1920s, young Jean Bugatti was an integral part of the company and had already dem [[Category:Automobiles|Bugatti, Jean]]
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  • By the early 1920s, the automaker had developed the reputation that its founder had desired th ...during development of the Lambda. He sought a lightweight body design for automobiles that would still manage to be strong and capable of bearing the tremendous
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  • ...owing him to win the 1922 edition of the race. Miller then created his own automobiles, which shared the 'Miller' designation, which, in turn, were powered by sup
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  • ...d 1910. Automobiles became the preferred means of transportation. Over the 1920s, bicycles gradually became considered children's toys, and by 1940 most bic
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  • ...g the carriage factory Jakob Lohner & Co., which began the construction of automobiles in [[1896]] under [[Ludwig Lohner]] in Floridsdorf (today [[Vienna]]). From ...re very successful racing cars, dominating racing in the [[1920s in Sports|1920s]]. His idea of a small, light-weight Daimler-Benz car was not much liked by
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  • [[Category:1920s automobiles]]
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  • ...rd]] and [[Deere & Company|John Deere]] began manufacturing them. By the [[1920s]], tractors with a gasoline powered [[internal combustion engine]] had beco The pedal furthest to the right is the foot [[throttle]]. Unlike in automobiles, it can also be controlled from a hand-operated lever ("hand throttle"). T
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  • ...-Benz'' and Auto Union entries. Alfa Romeo began the 1930s as it ended the 1920s, dominating Italy’s sports car and competition scene. Mid 1920s [[Alfa Romeo RL]] was considered too large and heavy, so new car developmen
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  • ...n in the United States before World War I and became widespread during the 1920s and 30s. Two different types of racecars predominated—[[Open-wheel|op Stock cars are generally automobiles manufactured by the major automakers with certain modifications as allowed
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  • During the 1920s, Philippe lived the life of a wealthy playboy, often found in the company o Despite the time spent racing automobiles and producing the 1932 film ''[[Lac aux Dames]]'', the first French "[[talk
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  • By the late [[1920s]] the price of [[aluminium]] (specifically [[duralumin]]) started dropping ==Automobiles==
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