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SpaItalia is an annual event dedicated to automotive 'car Made in Italy held from 2002 Francorchamps a small town near Stavelot Belgium, internationally known for the presence of circuit of Spa-Francorchamps takes place precisely where a good part of the event.

Structure of the event

The event is annual and is totally devoted to Italian cars, both past and the present and is very active and appreciated and known in Belgium, Holland and France. In addition to being an exhibition of models, proposals and tuning or variations on the part of coachwork or tuner both private and approved by Italian houses, also held a competition of elegance and some races sports divided by category where there may participate whoever is in possession of a car in Italy. Moreover, this event as well as cover cars also concerns pilots Italians in car competitions.


(in brackets the nation owner of the car)

Award the best car of the show :

Awarded by a jury that voted the most beautiful car of the show of elegance

Cup SpaItalia

Awarded by a jury that voted the most beautiful car of the show (not necessarily elegant)


Cup "Featuring "

Cup that rewards the best interpretation by a body:

Gold Cup

The best coupe before 1970:

The best coupe after 1970:

The best Spyder:

The best sedan:

Taxes and guests

Every year is spent on a car body or Italian and is called a special guest for the event:



  • 2002:

Feliche Carlo Bianchi Anderloni - Director of Carrozzeria Touring.

  • 2003:

Elizabeth Farmeschi - Carrozzeria Bertone.

  • 2004:

Dr. Andrea Zagato - President of SZ Design

  • 2005:

Jacques Swaters - First importer of Ferrari in Belgium

  • 2006:

Anneliese Abarth

  • 2007:

Maria Teresa de Filippis - Prime pilot Formula1 woman - PresidentMaserati Club Internationaland vice-chairman ofFormer GP Drivers' Club.

2008 edition

The 2008 edition held on 28 and June 29 and is dedicated to car Lamborghini.


The head office of the event is to Lasne in Belgium

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