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Lucchini SR2

Lucchini Engineering has been into racing activity since 1980 and has obtained successes in every specialities where it took part, even though the fame of its name is mainly linked to its activity as manufacturer of prototypes.

Race History:

  • 1 World championship SRWC FIA SportsCar SR2
  • 1 Italian absolute championship on track
  • 17 Italian titles on track
  • 5 Italian climbing titles
  • 2 European climbing titles
  • 2 French climbing championship
  • 1 French championship for prototypes on track
  • 1 Swiss championship
  • 1 6 hours of Vallelunga Gold-Cup SR2

The chief engineer, Mr. Lucchini Giorgio, has devoted himself to races since 1960, and the good results on the track and the contiuned success are due to his great technical talent, experience, co-operation, experiance in the study and designing, engineering and designs, and finally it is also due to the careful organization and direction of the team during the races.

Lucchini Engineering, despite of being a "small factory", has always aimed to offer quality both for the product and the services, to have the greatest specialization and the most updated technology, using the most modern devices such as computer technical programs and CAD - CAM systems (used in the technical-planning stage), electronic systems for the survey of data, for the communication to the racing car, for the remote "wi-fi" setting up of the car and the collection of data for future developments and electronic benches for static and dynamic tests on chassis and suspensions.

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