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List of Ferrari engines

The following engines are built by Ferrari.


Ferrari was rare among automobile manufacturers in attempting to build a straight-2 automobile engine. The racing prototype never made it to production.

with two straight hoods


Lampredi designed a straight-4 engine for Formula Two use. Different versions of this engine were later used in Formula One and sports car racing.


Lampredi also modified his four into a straight-6 for racing use.


Ferrari's Dino project of the 1960s gave birth to the company's well-known V8 and lesser-known V6 engines. This Vittorio Jano design formed the basis of the company's modern engines right up through the mid-2000s.


3.0 L Quattrovalvole V8 in a 1984 Ferrari 308 GTB

The Dino V8 family lasted from the early 1960s through 2004 when it was replaced by a new Ferrari/Maserati design.


Ferrari is rumored to be working on a 5.0 L version of the Ferrari/Maserati V8 for a decade-ending V10.


Colombo Type 125 Testa Rossa engine in a 1961 250TR Spyder
Tipo 133 V12 in a 2001 Ferrari 550

Ferrari is best-known for its V12 and flat-12 (horizontally opposed cylinder) engines.