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The Carrozzeria Coggiola is a body automobile and aircraft based in Turin active from 1966.


The Saab 98 was a prototype Coggiola during its cooperation with the Saab

It 'was in that year that this body was founded by Sergio Coggiola, a character whose talent for the automotive industrial design has matured after 14 years in the service of Ghia as a designer and as chief technical office.
In 1969 the body Coggiola began a collaboration with Swedish Saab, a long collaboration that would yield results very interesting, both as regards the production of the series ( Saab Sonetto III and Saab 9000), both as regards some prototypes (for example,Saab 98 Combi Coupé).

In 1970, as well as forward the cooperation with Saab, the Coggiola also supervised the work, especially in the area of prototypes. Thus prototypes based on Lancia Fulvia Volvo P1800 and Pontiac Grand Prix.
Even the following years were full of activities for the body Coggiola, who made other prototypes such asCitroën Visacabrio and several prototypes based on Audi. E 'dated 1988 prototype RenaultcalledMégane, which some years later give its name to one of the best-seller House of France. Same thing goes for theprototypeScénic two years later.
One of the particularities of the body was in Coggiola study the body as a function of parameters relating to occupational safety and torsional rigidity.

The 90s had seen the creation of prototypes of different brands (Fiat, Lancia, Opel, etc.). There were also experiments on a Mercedes-Benz. Famous was the prototype modular VRC, practically a car with removable and replaceable pavilion with another of different form to change the type of body while maintaining the same car. Not lacking in that decade also makes prototypes of more "noble", as the Bentley and Aston Martin.
Even the 2000 have been very prolific: significant prototype T-Rex, a SUV of big size, just as significant is the prototype Toyota 735N , a kind of people from the very shaped pavilion.
The activity of Coggiola not only dedicated to the automotive world, but also in aviation, especially in the field of helicopters.

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