Alfa Romeo GT

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Alfa Romeo GT
Alfa Romeo GT
Manufacturer: Alfa Romeo
Class: front-engined coupe
Production: 2004-present
Predecessor: None
Successor: Still in production
Body styles: coupé
Engines: 2.0
3.2 V6
1.9 JTD diesel

The Alfa Romeo GT is a coupe automobile manufactured by the Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo since 2004.

The GT is based on the larger 156 sedan, with the coupé body styled by Bertone. Most mechanicals are taken directly from the 156, with some influence from the slightly more modern 147 in the double wishbone front suspension setup and the multilink rear system. The interior is based heavily on the 147 and utilises many common parts, the GT utilises the same dash layout and functions as well as having very similar electrical systems. The engine range includes 2.0 petrol engine, a 1.9 MultiJet turbodiesel, and the top-of-the-range 3.2 V6 Petrol.


The Alfa GT may be the most attractive Alfa Romeo for years, with a svelte but powerful-looking shape, aggressive front end and poised rear. But Alfa's ad proclamation, 'beauty is not enough' holds true here.

The GT wears 16-inch alloy wheels as standard, but 17-inch wheels are a must-have option. There are 18-inch alloy wheels available, but the extra width pinches from the GT's 11.5-metre turning circle. The fitting of the 18" wheel option also introduces torque-steer in the higher torque engines like the 1.9 Diesel and the 3.2 Petrol. The 18" multispoke alloys are undoubtably the best looking option, however this is offset by the need for significant regular cleaning with range of weird shaped brushes in a variety of sizes in order to keep them looking nice in the opinion of owners.


The 240bhp 3.2-litre V6 is magnificent but provokes loads of torque steer while the 1.9-litre JTD diesel proves to be a popular choice in comparison to the petrol 2.0-litre engine.

Engine Specifications (from Alfa Romeo marketing material):

Engine 3.2L V6 Petrol 2.0L "JTS" 1.9L "JTDM" Diesel
Layout: 6 cylinder Vee 24v 4 cylinder 16v 4 cylinder 16v
Max Power: 240bhp @ 6,200rpm 165bhp @ 6,400rpm 150bhp @ 4,000rpm
Torque: 289Nm @ 4,800rpm 206Nm @ 3,250rpm 305Nm @ 2,000rpm
Fuel consumption (mpg (l/100km)):
urban 15.2 (18.6) 23.2 (12.2) 33.2 (8.5)
extra-urban 32.5 (8.7) 42.2 (6.7) 57.6 (4.9)
combined : 22.8 (12.4) 32.5 (8.7) 45.6 (6.2)
CO2 emissions g/km : 295 207 165

The 3.2L V6 Petrol unit is without question the sports option with its large power output and distinctive Alfa Romeo soundtrack, unique to the Alfa V6 family of engines. The 2.0L petrol has direct injection and is an improvement on the older 2.0L petrol unit found in the Alfa 156 on which the GT is based, with 15 BHP more power and more frugal consumption.

The 1.9 direct injection diesel unit seems to be the most popular option however, the high torque output at low revs giving more of a feeling of power at "normal" road speeds compared to the 2.0L petrol which requires much higher revs to produce its maximum power output and is best suited to being driven hard. This combined with the significant gain in fuel economy (see statistics above) make the Diesel a popular choice, the basic engine being of a shared design with GM, but with Alfa Romeo specfic tuning and options. The economy of the Diesel combined with the power and 6 speed gearbox make it a real GT car with a range of around 600 miles per tank at motorway speeds.

Braking System

For stopping power, there are 284mm ventilated discs up front and 276mm at the rear. ABS anti-lock brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD) and hydraulic brake assistance (HBA) act on all four wheels to reduce stopping distances in poor conditions.

Alternate versions

A heavily modified and tuned 3.2 V6 GT with Rotrex supercharger is available from Autodelta UK.

Alfa GT Blackline III 1.9 JTDM with 170 CV

The Alfa GT model offers an original style, rich in exciting features and performances. It represents an innovative conception of sporty style, into which comfort and elegance also converge. The best example of this stylistic equilibrium is the model on display in the Geneva showroom: the Special “Blackline III” range, fitted with the powerful 1.9 JTDM with 170 CV and the front self-locking Torsen® (called Q2) system.

The greatest change in this new Alfa GT model is the adoption of a 1.9 JTDM propulsion, which supplies a maximum power of 170 CV (125 kW) at 3.750 rpm and a maximum torque coupling of 330 Nm (33,6 Kgm) at 2.000 rpm, which allows a top speed of 100 km/h in 8,2 seconds. A powerful and progressive engine, which will be available as of next June, and can also be fitted with a anti-particulate filter (DPF).

It's worth noting, that placed on the tunnel is a Sport button, with which you can vary the mapping of the accelerator pedal. You can chose between a more touristy mapping or a sportier one: the latter improves the car's response and renders the drive more exciting. So much power, therefore, is confirmed by the external design which stands out due to the compact aggressive styling. The car is embellished with aesthetic touches like the 18” alloy wheels, the double chromed exhaust, and the satined effect for mirrors, grills and whiskers. Even in the interior the Alfa GT Serie Speciale “Blackline III” reveals a sporty charisma, as shown by the sporty pedals in aluminium and the serigraphed kick-panel. Furthermore, the black tones characterize the black leather seats with a central perforated insert and Alfa Romeo logo on the headrest, as well as the steering wheel and display panel in leather. In addition, the model on display is differentiated by the front self-locking Torsen® (called Q2) system, which has all the merits of front-wheel traction, such as heightening the driving ease and pleasure and guaranteeing the advantages typical of an integrated traction. In detail, the system is mated to JTDM with 170 CV, so benefiting of the excellent weight/power ratio, thanks to the use of Common Rail technology. The benefit is also due to the predominant role that diesel motorizations have taken on in the field of sport engines. The “Q2” system combines perfectly the torque specifications and power of the 1.9 JTDM increasing yet further the already excellent performance levels of a vehicle with a normal differential.

This is how it works. The “Q2” system is based on a limited slip differential, the mechanical Torsen type. In particular, this differential has the job of permanently distributing torque between the front wheels in a dynamic manner, depending on the driving conditions and road surface. Mated to the exclusive front wishbone suspension, the system allow a particularly efficient tuning of the vehicle.

Alfa GT Blackline III Press Photo 2008
Alfa GT Blackline III Press Photo 2008
Alfa GT Blackline III Press Photo 2008

Technical specifications Alfa GT 1.9 JTDM 16v 170 CV and Q2 system


EURO 4 with EOBD


No. of cylinders, alignment 4 in line, front transverse Diameter per run (mm) 82 x 90.4 Engine capacity (cm3) 1910 Compression ratio 17,5:1 Max Power CV-CEE (kW-CEE) 125 (170) Rpm 3750 Max coupling CEE (Nm-CEE) 330 (33,6) Rpm 2000 Camshaft Drive 2 ACT (toothed belt) with hydraulic tappets, 4 valves per cylinder Fuel Feed Multijet direct injection, with variable geometry turbo-compressor and intercooler. Electronic Bosch EDC 16 engine control system.


Battery: capacity (Ah) 60


Gear: 1^ 3,8 2^ 2,235 3^ 1,36 4^ 0,971 5^ 0,763 6^ 0,614 RM 3,545 Final Reduction 3,562


Gear Box rack and pinion with hydroglide Turning Circle (m) 11,5


Front independent wheel drive ruote, quadri-lateral with double oscillating bar and stabilizing bar articulated on ball joints Rear independent wheel drive, McPherson type suspension with transversal levers of differentiated lengths linked to crossbeam in aluminium, reaction joints, helical coil over dampers, and articulated stabilizing bar on ball joints, linked to the shock absorbers.


Front (mm) D284( autoventilated) Rear (mm) D276


No. seats 5 No. doors 2 Length / width (mm) 4489 / 1763 Height(mm)/3 people 1366 Wheelbase (mm) 2596 Front/Rear Tracking 1524 / 1510 Boot capacity(dm3) 320


Fuel Tank Capacity (Iitres) 63 Kerb Weight (DIN/kg) 1320 Braked Towing Weight (kg) 1300


MAX SPEED Km/h ( with 16" wheels ) 216


0-100 km/h (s) 8,2 0-1000 m (s) 29

FUEL CONSUMPTION (l/100 km) according to EU directive 93/116/

urban cycle 8,7 extraurban cycle 4,8 combined 6,2 CO2 emissions (g/Kg) 164 (Euro 4)

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